Polished my c9 feed ramps

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    It really wasn't as hard as I imagined. Me, my dremel, a good hour and a lot of qtips. Can't wait to get it to the range and see how it does.

    Looking at the pictures now, I wonder if I should have polished more of the front edge? :?:

  2. It looks great to me, let us know how it works.

  3. Looks like you did a very good job. Post a range report after your next shoot to let us know how it ran.
  4. Actually, I didnt even use a dremmel on mine, just took a very fine grit sand paper, and used my finger and rubbed until I could see myself in the metal and called it good.
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    I was worried about taking off metal since I've never done this before. I used my dremel with a buffing wheel and rubbing compound. Would've only taken 5 minutes if I used sandpaper. :)

    I really like the way the metal shines up. Hard to resist polishing the barrel, slide and everything else metal. :D
  6. You could shave in the mirror on that feed ramp!
  7. Im lazy lol. The sandpaper I used was like 4000 grit. You could rub it on your skin and it would not hurt.

    It took a little while, but I sat there and rubbed and watched tv :)
  8. Looks smooth as a babies butt. As a bonus if you get lost in the woods you have a signal mirror.
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    taken outta context.... couldnt resist
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    Has anyone had a problem with rust? I coated it with a liberal application of gun oil but don't know what else to do.
  11. Mine hasn't rusted yet!
    But then I live in CO where the humidity is rather low...keep it oiled and it should survive...besides. knocking off the rust with a couple hunnerd rounds usually does the trick!
  12. I don't think that'll rust undeonditions, as long as you use a little light oil on it.

    But the best rust prevention is regular passge of Pb over the feed ramps. :D

    Let how know how the Pb passes.
  13. LOL I guess I should have gave that reply more thought :oops:
  14. The "pot" metal that the majority of the pistols is made of is an alloy that is not subject so much to rust as it is oxidation in the form of a white powder that forms after time.

    No big deal, just a light coat of WD40 or something similar should be fine.

    The inside of the barrel is steel, if you are worried about rust, that and the mags are where you should keep an eye on.
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    Do you oil the mags? I purchased a gun cloth the other day to wipe down my guns ($3 at Dick's). Should I add some oil and coat the mags?
  16. I use a cloth with WD40 on it and lightly wipe them down. Never have had any rust on any of my weapons that way.
  17. Very nice job hpman......for someone who has never done it before.
    I want to do my .45 and have not done it before either. I am mechanically inclined, but I guess I'm lost on the polishing part. Do you just basically keep polishing that area over and over?
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    Yep. Put a buffing wheel on my dremel with some rubbing compound and kept on until all the blue was gone. The barrel would get hot so I would stop and let it cool down for a few minutes.