Polished my feed ramp on the C9

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    Used 1000 grit sandpaper to remove the Parkerizing on the ramp (since it was chipped from ammo anyways) and then used my Dremel with a polishing wheel and polishing compound to get it really slick! It feels oiled when it's completely dry.
  2. Love the glow down the barrel!!!!

    Nice work Trevor!

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    soft metal in ramp

    My experience has been that the hipoint ramp is made from fairly soft material (aluminum or zinc) and removing the black coating leaves it softer than it is stock.

    I have polished a carbine ramp but have left the other two stock and they work fine although all three get roughened by ammo.
    Your Jokey
  4. does this allow the ammo to feed easier? is this a problem indicative of this manufacturer? i have owned many guns and never heard of polishing the feed ramp.
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    New hp owner. been reading up on them before i bought one. started polishing ramp and wanted to take barrel off. Dont want to force it out. Does the pin in the side of the frame have to be forced out?
  6. Exactly.
    I have other guns inc some 1911's and every feed ramp gets polished.
  7. You can always take blue tape and mask off the rest of the gun and shove part of a cotton ball down the barrel to keep residue from going down the bore. Just remember to remove the cotton ball once you're done and you're good to go.
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    Also a new HP owner that can't own anything mechanical without taking it apart. To remove the barrel, first remove the slide. Then you have two more pins to remove. One splined pin (hold open pin) at the aft end and below the barrel and then a small roll pin forward of that. Knock those out and the barrel will wiggle right out of the frame.

    This thread is very instructive of most of the procedure;

    And the illustrated parts breakdown that came with your HP tell the rest of the story. If it was missing from the box, you can find your model here;

    I gave my feed ramp just a quicky polish one day. I'm not sure if it works better, but it sure looks cool. Good luck and have fun with it.
  9. I got my feed ramp nice and shiny by running ammo through it and cleaning when I'm done!!!!!!!!!! Looks great. Lets have some pics of those 1911's!!!!!