Polished my ramp and then some.....

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  1. i had a few issues last time i was at the range so i polished my ramp.... then i love making things shiny so i kept going.



    if i feel ambitious enough id like to polish the whole slide, just depends if my sand blaster can easily take off the powdercoating and if i can get that darn stripped allen bolt out of the rear sight. I know ive seen some one do parts of their slide on the site somewhere it got me thinking.
  2. Looks good man great job!!!!

  3. Nice, bling to the max.
  4. best part is all i used was 400 grit paper then 1000 grit paper then some mothers mag polish (EVERY ONE NEEDS A CAN OF THIS IN THEIR HOUSE!) it works so good it could probably polish a turd.

    any one ever polish their slide? and what kind of steel is it made of?
  5. Looks great!

    Yeah, there are a couple of guys that have polished their slides, but it's not exactly steel, it's a zinc alloy. It looks really great all polished like that. I don't know if there are any pictures of it floating around the forum.
  6. ill search around for some polished ones in the forum but maybe i will just pull it off and blast the powdercoat off and polish it. Shiny is my favorite color!

    EDIT: i found a pic of a c9 polished.... YEP im gunna do it. ill pull it apart ... ugh agian! and take the slide into work and sand blast it and sand it all smooth then polish so i can see my self in it.
    heres that c9
  7. Just remember that a shiny gun has no tactical advantage at night or in a situation where the reflection will give your position away to the BG or your enemy.

    Sharp looking C9.
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    yeah, but it's COOL.

    I thought of 1 advantage! You could blind the BG with your pistol and powerful flashlight, then shoot him.
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    polished slide

    Just a heads up-----that's an older nickel plated slide. Hi Point used to nickel plate some of their slides 10-15 years ago. They even had some nickel plated frames.
  10. I haven't heard the term "polish a turd for many years
  11. well i brought it into work today and blasted and cleaned up the slide, looks pretty good i used some sealer to make sure it wont oxidize, I will have to apply the sealer every few months, as for the tactical use this gun sits in the gun safe, and really only sees the gun range. so its kind of a "play gun" (i use the term loosely) for any sort of tactical use i would grab my HK compact 375sig .45 its all black and usually resides in the nightstand..... also i could just get some strobe lights in my house if any one broke in i just turn them on and pull out the hp and some sun glasses and burn some retinas, wouldnt even have to waist the ammo. lol

    anywho here is the finish product (still has a few flaws in it though) kinda dirty from the polish too though and the flash just tottaly gives away all the flaws, ill probably polish it a few more times but just a little anxious to go to the range later today.
  12. i got a few more pics of it while i was doing it. there were ALOT of flaws in the metal that i could see after removing the powder coating after i sand blasted it , so i had to take alot of extra time sanding those spots down and matching the sourrounding areas . at first i used a coarse sanding 3m pad on a little disk grinder then i moved to a much finer one (green 3m sanding pad) after that i went back over it with some 400 grit paper making sure i got all scratches and flaws out of the metal
    here it is after blasting and using the sanding disks
    and here it is after using the 400 grit paper and on its way to the buffing wheel.
    i ended up buffing it first using a course compound and after doing that i spotted a few more flaws and had to sand them out , after a few times of doing that i finnaly was able to polish it completly

    OOOooooOOOooo shiny right? lol
  13. Thats beautiful! You did a great job!
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    very nice....how much do you charge? : )
  15. SWEET! Im not much into bling, but that is nice!
  16. looking nice. wish i had all the tools to do that, but i would probably just mess it up some how
  17. seriously if you lived near me i would blast it for free, id let you sand it and polish it though cause thats were the real labor intensive part is.

  18. Thats nice looking. Personally I like the original look. I showed my wife the pic and she really likes the new look. Now she is hounding me to fix her CF380.
  19. One place to start would be with one of bushman's triggers :)

    They require some modification to fit the C9, but would look great! I'm not done fitting mine yet, but will be uploading documentation when done.
  20. yeah i just caught that thread the other day when i was pondering making my own trigger, but i love the look of the skeletonized one, what kind of mods do i have to do to make it fit the JHP .45 ?
    im looking at buying a used C9 for around 75$ im probably gunna keep that one all black. shiny is cool but the black has its own mysterious look to it.