Poll: up or down?

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Muzzle up or down?

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  1. Muzzle up--it's the normal way!

  2. Muzzle down to protect the wood!

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  3. Horizontally--I have my reasons!

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  4. An angle not parallel or perpendicular to the floor--explained in my post!

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  5. I take mine apart and hide the pieces--I live in D.C. or someplace like it.

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  1. A work colleague reminded me today that there's been some discussion about storing rifles muzzle up vs. muzzle down. He casually mentioned storing a rifle muzzle down so oil doesn't get on the stock and damage the wood.

    I'd heard this a couple of times growing up and even remember one old hunter who swore the only way to correctly store a rifle was muzzle down (I seem to recall he even hung his by its sling from a wooden peg on his wall, muzzle aiming at the floor)

    So, I'm going to pose the question to you:

    Which way should a rifle be pointing for proper long-term storage?

    :?: :?:

    As for myself, I don't think it matters much. Maybe putting a rifle away very oily in a humid environment would lead to wood damage. I live in the desert southwest and put my rifles away after wiping most oil off, or not cleaned/oiled at all. Rust is not a problem where I live. :wink:

    Please choose your option and post your comments...
  2. I store mine muzzle up. but do not cover them with a heavy amount of oil.

    I myself think too much oil could run down over time and damage wood furniture on the weapons.

  3. Strangerous

    Strangerous Member

    Muzzle up! It's the best way to protect the crown. If you mess up the crown of a rifle, it will affect accuracy in a negative way. I believe this is the reason most gun safes/saves :lol: have the pegs/cutout for the muzzle to be placed in. (When pointing UP)... Good Question, and I'm looking forward to seeing the varied responses to it. B)
  4. Muzzle up. Just seems normal to me after seeing them in gun stores, pawn shops etc.
  5. I hang them on the wall, just because I can. I dont have any one to tell me how to do it. and no kids that can get to them so I like to have them where I can see them :lol:
  6. Space

    Space Member


    Take a look at the oil line in this stock. I recently refinished it and the oil had penetrated far into the wood.

    I store muzzle up but now I'm careful not to put too much oil in the action beforehand.
  7. Well currently they are in gun cases underneath my bed so horizontal, but when I get a safe they are going muzzle up.
  8. Ridge

    Ridge Member

    On its side, in a hard case :)

  9. I store mine muzzle up, but I am very careful not to over oil.

    When not in use I tend to check and wipe down once every six months.

    Before storing away for any length of time I general disassemble and give a good cleaning. I lightly oil parts and remove any excess, put back together and wipe down.
  10. AndrewST

    AndrewST Guest

    Muzzle Up, protect the crown!
  11. Ari

    Ari Guest

    Always muzzle up.. I live in a very dry part of the country so very little oil gets used. When I wipe my weapons down I use Tri-Flow and all the stocks get wiped down too.
  12. Muzzle up, in the soft cases.
  13. Thayldt21

    Thayldt21 Senior Member Member

    Muzzle up.

    I cant help but think of the oil Bit. Well at least the boys storming Normandy and the salt water then the excess in oil they must have used.

    The generations of users Oiling them and puting away wet.
    I think with a good ol rifle the oil would be of little concern.

    Now as for the HIGH end spendy pieces. Yes I see the thought of doing anything to protect the wood. Alas. I am to poor to have anything that would need that kind of care.

    I do see them In the glass cases were the owners display them proudly only to remove them and wipe them down with a BABY DIAPER. :)
    Dreamming of shooting the prized possession.
    These rifles cost more then My car. However I must say that even though I take excellent car of my arms I believe that one of this price and raity or collectible value may take more TLC then I am capable of giving.
  14. JasonJ

    JasonJ Member

    let me ask you this, how do gun stores and museums store their firearms?

    horizontal on a rack or muzzle up. .. obviously you never want to over oil your guns.
  15. deaconwagers

    deaconwagers Guest

    however's convenient. the shorty stays horizontal, while the mossberg stays up with the buttstock, or down with the pistol grip.
  16. Definitely muzzle-up.

    Placing the muzzle of the firearm in such a way that it's supporting the weight of the whole firearm is asking for trouble. It only takes the slightest ding, not even noticeable to the human eye, to ruin the accuracy of that firearm. The importance of the muzzle crown is to allow the gases to escape perfectly all the way around the instant the bullet leaves the barrel. One little ding or burr and the propellant gases will escape in an unbalanced fashion, making the bullet unstable and causing erratic accuracy.

    If your stocks are getting oil stains from sitting butt-down in storage, the you're definitely using too much oil. But I'd rather deal with an oil-stained stock than a gun which won't hit the broad side of a barn with the door closed, from inside. If your gun has a synthetic stock, then even the oil shouldn't be a problem.

  17. I store mine and my folks' rifles muzzle up. I did end up with too much lubricant on the bolt of my mosin, but since I've got the Monte Carlo stock, it's not a problem. Plus my Winchester 1300 is on one side of it and my two HP carbines are on the other side of it, well away from the wood furniture of my folks' guns.
  18. condition1

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    always up. just don't oil too heavy and you don't have to worry about the wood.
    Ridge, i don't think you're storing properly...your rifle has broken into two pieces!!!!!