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For those who carry a firearm daily or regularly?

  • I carry because it is better safe than sorry. Hope to never have to use it.

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  • I carry because of an incident in the past. I felt use of a firearm could have been necessary.

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I carry cause i can imagine being in a position where i'd need to defend myself. Ive had that helpless feeling being stranded or in tight spots before and i can imagine its multiplied greatly when its life threatening. I hate that feeling and never want to be in that position if i can help it.

The typical "if you need bigger than a XXcaliber or more than X number of rounds you need to consider where you hang-out" just doesnt apply. im refering to the the killing sprees, yeah you can be fully aware of the dangers in a seedy part of town, but no one expects that creep to walk into a school/store/mall and just start gunning people down.

Think you feel "naked" after you forget your cellphone??
Try forgetting your CCW After youve carried for a while.

theres also been 1 incident:

"ive got a knife!"

"dont you DARE pull that knife! cause your not gonna like what happens"

I think just the confidence in my voice was enough to de-escalate that situation.
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