Polymer 1911s

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  1. NWdude83

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  2. Wilson, Kimber, Whoever.
    A 1911 should be steel IMHO.

  3. Otherwise, it's just not a 1911....
  4. haven't felt of the wilson but I have the feel of the kimber.
  5. The kimbers lower us UGLY, although not liking any of them. Who wants a polymer 1911, yuck, probably the guy who wants a carbon fiber body on his mack truck...
  6. Beowolf1911

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    blasphemy, if it is plastic it is just "1911 like" it just isn't a 1911 in my book.
  7. AndrewST

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    I don't think any of those are decent looking...and aren't 1911's supposed to be steel or at least plastic free?
  8. Well mostly, however Kimber uses a plastic in some of their 1911's as their mainspring housing/back strap on the grip, but have put alot of work into making it look like metal...woulda thought they would just use metal in the first place...