Poncho Modification

Discussion in 'Survival Zone' started by Spot, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. For those that have a USGI poncho and liner in your bag and want to make it into a sleeping bag . Go to Walley World and look in the camping department and get a pack of groments . Next lay out your poncho and attach the liner to it . Fold your poncho in half and snap it together. This will give you a tube , now at one end you install the groments in 2 places. Once that you have this done all you have to do is to tie them together with some 550 cord. This might be a little tight on some people.
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    Bueno Spot.Im gonna look into it.I gotta bugout sleeping bag but you never know when you might need a field expediant one.

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    Another thing to get at Wallyworld is one of those fleece sleeping bags. They take up almost no room and make a great liner for a regular sleeping bag.
  4. Another good use for a panco and a "woobie" (poncho liner). is ake the ponch and liner and one of those space plankets and sew a zipper around the whole deal.

    After that you have a rain proff and rather warm fart sac that is good to about 10-15 degrees.

    used one for a long time. Lots of warn nights in the desert due to that little set up.