Possible Magazine Substitution?

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  1. Has anyone tried to fit another type of magazine into the 40/45 pistols. I ask because there are quite few members that would love to modify the base plate of the mags. that fit into the 40's and 45's, and if instead of taking a dremel to the base plate, has anyone tried and alternate mag. The first one I would try would be that of a 1911 (single stack). I have tried to find the measurements on-line but have not had any luck, and since the mags for the 40 and 45 are single stack, I figured the 1911 mag was a good place to start. The HP mag for the 40/45 measrues once laid on its right side with ( \ ) with the follower in the upper left corner it measures 6" down the back, 5" down the front and 1/2" in width...Thanks
  2. I have modified a 1911 mag to fit my 45, havent gotten to take it out yet but it works fine in the gun, and hand cycles through all the shells. cant wait to take it out and try it

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    Photos, please...

  4. Wow, my Hi-Point prayers are answered....I would love some photos
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    how many rounds does it hold? hopefully more than 9.....
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    1911 colt .45ACP magazine

    I've modified a 8 rd Chip MacCormick .45ACP mag to fit my .40 JCP and have about a hundred+ rounds through it with no problems(not something I can say for the crappie original mags I have). Look at the slots in the original mag and a colt mag. Mine were located at the same point. All I did was to cut a short (around 1/16") cut on the front edge of the slot and bend a hood at the top of the colt magazine to emulate the one on the original. Tried it for function and used a needle nose to adjust the feed lips slightly and have had no problems since. I still need to use a small file to clean it up a little(again no time right now). Have been going to get a .40 colt mag and do the same procedure but haven't gotten around to it yet. If you shop you can find the mags cheaper than the HiPoint mags. It will hold 9 rds of .40.
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    the older metal frame allard .45s would take 1911 mags with no alteration, at least the one i had did.

  8. went to the local shop and brought up this topic...his response was why would anyone want to make a hi-point look good :(
    Anyways he was nice enough to pull out a .40 he had and a space 1911 mag of a RIA, it had the base pad so it wouldn't flush, put he was able to hold it in place and rack the slide back and chamber a round without a hitch :D ... I think we need a tutorial from the mag gurus and some pics
  9. Does anyone know where to get very cheap 1911 mags...I would like to try this mod but don't want to mess up any expensive mags in the process... or is about 20 buck the standard thats all I've seen in the local shops... :?
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    Pick up a copy of the Shotgun News. Sarco has generic .45 mags for $6.95
  11. I figure as long as the distance between the mag retention hole and the bottom, and the distance from the same hole to the top are the same or close enough to mod, then you should be ok. I'm thinkin about pickup up a couple cheapies and see what I can do. The feeding system should not change much cuz it has to remain consistent for the .45 ammo size and feed requirements.
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    Re: 1911 colt .45ACP magazine


    Is the hood the bumb above the magazine release slot? How did you bend it? Any chance we could talk you out of some photos? Thanks,

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    my hi point c9 will take firestar mags no problem but they only come as large as 10 and are more expencive the star will not take hi point mags to tight
  14. I`m sorry guys, I`m computer illiterate. I cant get my web cam to load a picture in my album so I can down load it here. I have been trying for two days. as soon as I can get it to work I will get you some pictures. :oops:

    the 45 clip I am using is for a 1911, it holds 7 rounds and it will go right in the well. it locks in fine and feeds the rounds great. if it works at the range I will have to glue a block on the bottom of it, as it goes past flush with the bottom of the well. but it works real well in the gun and ejects just fine.

    I will get some pictures as soon as I learn how to do it. heck I feel good that I can get here most of the time. I am 55 years old and never used a computer until about two years ago. I should take a class but heck my kids help me most of the time.
  15. It's official: Taurus PT1911 mags won't lock in the JHP. When held in place, it will feed every round without a problem tho, so thats half the battle won. The mag does have an unusual bumper pad, and that might be whats hanging it up. I'm heading to the range tomorrow, and I'll see if he has any used standard 1911 mags that I can mess around with.
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    Thanks guys I am heading to the Army surlpus store they always have GI 45 mags on sale.
  17. I would love to get rid of the ugly plastic butt cap on the JCP 40's Mag!!!!! I guess hi-point offers a 8round mag for the 40 but I care more about functionality so a ugly 10 is better than a pretty 8 in my opinion.