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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by intellivore, Sep 26, 2013.

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    And now that you're effectively confused...

    Hello, HPFF! Long time lurker, first time poster, and I would like some help from those with the mechanical and technical skills...

    I am to be the proud papa of a 'beautiful' 4595TS, and I started thinking while I was doing the NICS form yesterday, dangerous hobby, I know. I remember flipping about on HPFF somewhen and reading that the 4095 and the 4595 had longer receivers than a 995, and the outside diameter of the barrels on the 4095 and 4595 were the same. Is it possible to dress up the 4595 in classic dress?

    Dare I dream of calling Mom and trying to get a stock? Or am i just being too much of a dreamer?

    I am also looking into reloading for the 4595, using custom half&half loads of half rifle half pistol powders, to possibly increase burn time behind the round. Or is that a recipe for disaster, sour, tangy disaster?

    Finally, what's the consensus on using rounds like .45 Super, or higher pressure rounds that push .45ACP +p+ limits?

    Danke Shoen!
  2. Rachgier

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    Keep dreaming. I tried to convert my 4095TS to a classic stock and mom told me in no uncertain terms that it would void my warranty, and the classic stock would not fit without major modifications. That, and classic 40 Cal stocks are hard to find.

  3. intellivore

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    Well, then it looks like my only option to get the 4595TS onto a Mannlicher style stock like the Classic chassis is to make me one myself with a blank of good grade stock grain walnut and routing and sanding and carressing a copy of the Classic furniture out of it...
  4. MachoMelvin

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    You know if you were to start making wood stocks for Hi Points that you could possibly be getting yourself into a NEW job? I would like to have a Manlicher stock on a 995, hint hint hint?
  5. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Guess I'm just going to have to try it, and see.

    Got me curious now.
  6. intellivore

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    Well, I'd have to get one or two of each carbine, Classics included, to pattern the stocks.
    Then the cost of the stock blanks, shaping, and shipping from Alaska, where I am, might end up equal to or more than the basic carbine package from Mom... but if you're game, I'll see what I can do after I make mine and post the results...
  7. intellivore

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    Either that or cutting and JB-Welding the fore end of a Classic to he back end of a TS....
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    I myself have been curious as to just how much pressure the carbines can take. Some torture tests have proven the Hi-Point handguns can take some ridiculous amounts of pressure. Iraqveteran8888 has also converted a .40 Hi-Point handgun and carbine to 10mm successfully and seen no issues with it. I've been rather curious if the .45 HPs could stand up to .45 super.

    Of course if you're going to go with higher pressure rounds, remember that these things use a blowback design and use the spring and weight of the slide to regulate. Officially HP will always tell you not to do it, but if you want to be a crazy modder and risk your gun in the name of science, remember that if you're going above spec that you'll need a stronger spring to compensate for the greater recoil.

    Personally I think the chamber can handle the pressure but you'll need to be careful about the spring's strength so that the chamber doesn't open prematurely and vent hot gas back through the ejection port. There's also the issue of if the frame can take the extra battering over an extended period of time.

    Best way to experiment if you reload is start at a known safe pressure (HPs are rated up to +P standard already) and work your way up. When you start getting up there, you may want to use a vise and a string for firing from a safe distance.

    For testing hot loads, I see no reason why not to use .45 super brass though. All things being considered the thicker brass might give you a slightly better margin for safety.
  9. lklawson

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    Forum mod Duster has done this: .45 Super in JHP thread

    Peace favor your sword,
  10. ReDaCTeD

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    Well, they should still have a few .40 cal stocks laying around somewhere. Im pretty sure they don't make those stocks anymore. If they say no maybe you could offer to pay for one? Be sure to get the heat shield also. You could actually get those two parts chromed out as discussed earlier.
  11. intellivore

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    Well, I got the 4595TS today, took her home and gave her a good stripping and light oiling and cleaning. Only issue with that was the bore was dirty. I mean A.52 S.o.I. Range Day dirty, FleetWeek Berthing Space dirty, drunk Marine jokes in a bog dirty... It took over a dozen solvent patches to clean her out! Not a good start, in my opinion.

    Besides that, the wife-to-be says the carbine feels alright, sights up nicely, and has good length of pull. I might end up losing the 4595TS to her, either that or I have to get her the 995TS we have at the LGS I work at.

    On a related track, Sunday we are going to the range down the road, to break in the lady's SR-22R and my new carbine, maybe toss a couple .303 rounds downrange too... we plan on about 100 rounds of .22LR, 125 of .45 ACP, mostly WWB, some CCI Blazer, and at most 10 of the .303 British. That should give the kids ample trigger time too, just to get them to the point of deciding whether or not they would like to get into Recreational Shooting.

    At the risk of sounding sacrilegious, I don't like the chromed out look, to be honest... Don't hit me! Not the face! I will be asking Mom for a 4095 Classic stock though, with a little Dremeling, filing, sanding and strategic use of an Exacto Knife, I do believe I could fit the 4595 action and barrel.

    Since .45 Super has a thicker wall, it's going to have greater pressure buildup in the chamber, right? If that's the case, pun intended, I'll get some of that thicker brass from Starline, and once the Sierra Reloading Manual arrives, starting with the minimum load and working up to most accurate 5 round group out of a cold barrel. I also have the Hodgdon Basic Manual and the VihtaVuori 2012 Manual at my disposal, any preferences? Or should I make a massive chart form from all the manuals i can get my grubby little paws on, and load 25 rounds of each formula?
    Another awkward question, most .45 Long Colt loads are used in 6 - 10" barrels, should I try and base a loading or three off of those for the 4595?
  12. ADNC

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    you talking about a monkey gun stock? cause i have been trying to sell one in the classifieds for months
  13. talon

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    Now, THAT would be interesting!!
  14. ericbaker1988

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    DO NOT MIX POWDERS!!!!!! That is all
  15. intellivore

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    PM me, I need to obtain it!
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    So, I called the Mothership (as a U.F.O. fan I think I prefer using that from now on!) and asked about the borecrud. Come to find out its gear oil for protection during storage and transport. Okay, no issues there, but it kinda would have been nice to have known, but its a non-issue, the barrel is as clean as a whistle now, i did a good thorough cleaning and light oil job before taking it out to the range.

    After 150 rounds downrange, its running like a champ, half and half WWB and some Blazer Aluminum, a few Remington too, and it ate them all and spat them out. I tried the RGB4X optic from AIM Sports on it, and didnt like the feel too much, so I went back to irons. I love how its a quick 5 minute job to swap scope and irons at the range. The Lady of the House LOVES shooting it, she almost took it away from me, until I promised to get her the 995TS, but only if she gets me the JHP 45. With the recoil pad, she likes shooting it, it doesnt affect her physical disabilities as much as the Lee Enfield I have.

    Before too long here I'll be putting another couple hundred rounds through it, sighting it in, wiping her down and winterizing it for the beautiful Alaskan Night, I'll be ordering a few more mags, the mag mount, and a non illuminated 4X scope from the Mothership, and a good compact combat flashlight, it gets dark here, so the light will be the most important one.

    I'm going to also paint the TS stock matte OD, and look into re-coating the barrel and receiver shroud with a good powder coating...

  17. Rachgier

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    I tried to convince Mom to sell me one, send me one, or "let me borrow one".

    Flat out no. Hasn't stopped the quest, just removed the most likely place to find them laying around.