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  1. did we all lose our post counts???? mines back to zero when i signed in????
  2. Yep startin over there ya little plinker. LOL

  3. billybybose

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    I read a thread that said(Im a poet :D )the mods were trying to save em but to not hold our breath.
  4. freedom

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    Go back to the original sight and find your post count there and add it to your signature. That way people can see you have been around and contributing for a while.
    Look at my sig.
  5. GlockMan

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    Post counts may not be hanging around here long either if members become post whores and a post count race begins. Quality of information and idea is far preferred over mindless babble. I estimated about 33% of the old forum was useless wasted space on crap that should have never been posted. This time the Mod's are watching and wasted space will be reclaimed.
  6. z71silverado98

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    how many post can we expect to lose from the forum GM? I noticed a lot of old post containing just an 'LOL' or :twisted: etc. Those can go by all means, but where is the line?

    thats an autocad command up top, theres no way its gonna destroy the forum. :wink:
  7. andrew241

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    if its something completely ignorant I think it shoudl go but if its a goof well thats just fun :lol:
  8. ab4ka

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    when Gunboards switched to a new board and everyone lost their post counts, I've never heard such pissing and moaning in my whole life by a group of supposedly grown men. You'd thought you had taken money from them or something. I'd just as soon they not be used. The only possible advantage they have is when someone is trying to sell something on the traderboard, it's nice to see if they are new to the group or have been around, but then there are those folks who have been around a long time and do a lot of lurking but not much posting. My vote is to make them go away.
  9. elguapo

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    Although I may have been part of that 33%, GM, I agree wholeheartedly with ya. I really miss the information rather than the post count.

    Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, who had relevent topics to contribute, search your grape and repost them...thats what made it good to begin with.
  10. I have to agree. Although the post count was nice, as it demonstrated need for some of us to get a life *myself being first and foremost* that's really not what's important. To me, its more about the comraderie. That's what makes HPFF what it truly is.
  11. andrew241

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    I agree primal, the post count is just a number, and I agree sometimes you needed a life, I mean come on you had like 4000 posts lmao :lol: (j/k man)