Post Gun Show Blast-a-thon

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  1. After the Gun Show Saturday, my friends and I decided we needed to try out our new toys. I had purchased another Mosin Nagant m44 and so did my friend from from work(who had never owned a gun before).
    We werent shooting for accuracy, we were blasting some old bowling pins.
    My friend DG loaded his Mosin and you should have seen the look on his face when he pulled the trigger. It was a look of total shock and absolute glee at the same time. The boy is now officially hooked.
    I told him guns are like Doritos, you can have just one.
    Mine shot great as I expected and hopefully we'll get out to the 100 yrd range here very soon and i can give you folks a detailed report.
    All in all, it was a good good day.
  2. You guys purchased them sans cosmoline and ready to go? What kind of deals did you get?

  3. $89.99 and a sling put it at $106.00
    I was thoroughly impressed with it.
  4. Where are the pics?

    Where is the gunny when you need him?!


    There he is!!!! LMAO! Congrats on the new toys Patriot, any trip to the range is a great way to spend the afternoon after a gun show.
  5. Wow, what a small world. I bought a Mosin at the last gunshow as well, but it was the 90/31. I have not shot it as of yet because it is in 20 pieces as I am refurbing it. My father finished the stock today (he loves woodworking) and I should finish the metal this week. I will free float the barrel, and she should be ready to go. I am so pumped to shoot this thing. They belch fire and fart thunder.

    I'm glad you got yours. It is a great gun.
  6. Guys....... guns.......... bullets........ shooting................ AND NO PICS!!!!

    for shame..........

    :lol: :lol:
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    i have a mosin nagant m44 and its a great gun. i also had the longer one , but it was to difficult to take hunting so i sold it.