Post pics of your carry setup

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  1. Ok guys I need some ideas for a good carry setup for everyday. So far I will have the C9 in a fobus holster SOG contractors knife(razor sharp) cell phone and 2 extra mags as soon as I can find some CCW mag pouches.
  2. [​IMG]

    pics a bit small - top is M&P in highnoon holster, bottom is KT, in highnoon tuckable. I also have ankle for the KT. Am getting a better holster for M&P but haven't decided which one yet.

    both are IWB.

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    I dont have a picture but for the winter im using my OWB XD Gear holster for my XD9sc. When it warms up im going to get a crossbreed supertuck.
  4. Here is my C-9 in a Don Hume holster. I had to work the holster a little for a good fit. I use a nylon double mag pouch for now, I can't find a leather double mag that I like.
  5. heres mine I keep the extra mags one in each front pocket until I can find a mag holder for them
  6. Common guys, brands and configuration please. Inquiring minds want to know.
  7. guess that would help I carry C9 in a fobus holster and two 10rd mags :mrgreen:
  8. C9 in an Uncle Mikes Sidekick size 16.

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    What model or what firearm was this Don Hume originally for? I've used his holsters before with my 1911 and like it. Thanks for the pic!
  10. How do you guys like the Fobus? I have one on order, and was wondering about the retention properties of it...The Uncle Mike's #16 I have fits good, but the thumb snap leaves something to be desired. That, and I don't care for the holster lifting when I pull up on the gun. My BlackHawk Sportster for my Glock 22 has me spoiled. Great holster.
  11. O.K., I have to ask: why do you have the thumbbreak on the outside?
  12. Srben,

    Dont have a Fobus for the C9 but I do use one with my Taurus Millennium Pro 9mm and love it. One day I will get a Fobus for my C9, Makarov and Bersa Thunder because they will really spoil you.


    Not sure why you have the thumb break on the outside, but when it inside your thumb will be in the proper position to draw and fire much quicker than with your present setup. But... if the setup works better for you then by all means continue using it.

  13. Smartcarry 90% of the time.

  14. Sorry to be answering so late. The Don Hume holster is the JIT for the XD9 or XD40.

  15. Ya know what? You're right! WTF am I thinking? Oh, I know. Generally I'm lefty, but since blew out a vessel in the retina of my left eye, I've had to train righthanded (seems to work the best). I'm still working on the righthanded carry config, but you're right, I need to move that TB to the inside. Thanks for pointing that out and setting me straight... :oops: :oops:
    I have a Fobus for both my C9 and my JHP, but since the C9 is in OH getting a workover, I haven't been able to carry in it. The JHP is freakin heavy tho on the hip. Retention of the Fobus is pretty good. I've had the wife and my 15 yr old try to violently pull it (unloaded of course) and they haven't yet.
  16. Fobus and such users:

    What do you do to conceal it? Larger sweatshirt or jacket? It's hard for me to use a IWB but I'm afraid an OWB holster would let the gun be visible too much. I wear a knife on my belt on the right side and several times a day catch my sweatshirt riding up over it. I can only imagine it being worse with a pistol.
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  18. Conceal? Nah, OC in CO! LOL!!!! Although I do have my CCW class in Jan and should (hopefully) have my permit in late Feb.
  19. You'll have to experiment. Some shirts hide it real well, others - not so much. I have a 5.11 tactical vest on the way, and will use that in summer months (about 11 out of 12 months in Houston) to conceal OWB. Stupid laws; open or concealed carry should not require a permit or permission - it's in our Bill of Rights! :x


    Pager Pal


    Uncle Mike's Sidekick


    Haven't got the right clips for the C-TAC, so even though it's a damn fine holster I haven't carried in it yet... pager pal is nice for deep carry, but have yet to find myself going somewhere where a pocket carry won't suffice. Sidekick does a great job of anti-printing.