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  1. joebob88

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    If a officer came to your door and asked you to turn over your weapons. What would do?
  2. Thayldt21

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    Tell him he needed to leave as I am calling the police and that if he entered my house I would take that as a threat against my life and defend myself accordingly as it is unconstatutional for him to do so and illegal to enter my home without a warrant or probable cause.

    Thus he could not be a real officer.

  3. Why is this happening? If it's door to door gun confiscation there's been plenty of warning and one who hasn't prepared for this is foolish. If you are in felony or domestic violence trouble, your attorney should have advised you on how to head this off.

    If it's just some overimportant flatfoot making demands beyond his authority, call 911 and have him arrested for tresspassing...

    You're going to have to posit some realistic situation to get worthwhile feedback. It would be absolutely incorrect for anyone to post on a public forum remarks about going Rambo or Red Dawn all over...
  4. rrjenn

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    Id tell him I gave at the office and shut the door.
  5. I'd tell him if he thinks he's man enough to come in and take them, he's welcome to try.
  6. Ari

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    What is it you are hoping to find out with this topic? As one person is not going to come to your door and ask you to turn over you weapons. If they come it would be a full swat team... So you need to rework you question. If they come they are not coming without the juice to do the job.
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    Most likely if congress did outlaw all private ownership of guns there would be a time period of a few months where you would be ask to turn them in and then if they found out someone has a hoard of guns they would probably come in a large group to take them. You will have more than enough time to hide what you don't want to give up.
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    My reason for asking this question it when the hurricane hit New Orleans, the were taking peoples guns. That is not right and I'm wondering how they got away with it.
  9. Jackpine Savage

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    Don't answer the door! Without a warrant or some exegent circumstances they can't enter.
  10. neothespian

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    Politely ask "What Weapons?" :), and while I'm flustered and trying to call my producer to tell him that I'm going to be late to the Children's theater rehearsal at work, my girlfriend would hopefully take the cue and throw the M44's in the Fender Guitar case. The pistols are locked up aside from the C9, and that one can just be thrown anywhere.

    The arts community fluster (be it arrogant artist or "queened" up) can be an effective deterrent and just pisses off the officer to either leave or just bash on in not paying attention.

    All else fails, one of us has the hands on a gun and the other can grab a camera. Then it's anyone's game...
  11. Kelotravolski

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    I was going to say act offended that they would suggest that you owned a gun. but some of you may not look sissy enough to pull that one off.
  12. dirtimdebbie

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    What makes you think it would be the police, or that they would ask permission to come in?
  13. You gun owners are all alike, that's why I gave up and got rid of all my guns.

    Are you listening Uncle Sam? I got rid of them because of all the crasy gun owners who don't understand.
  14. States are in the process of passing "The Emergency Powers Act" which has also been named the Katrina Bill to prevent unlawful confiscation of privately owned weapons.
  15. I think all of us who view the Constitution as an affirmation of our natural rights know exactly what we'd do. What any person who values freedom would do.
  16. I'd politely ask him why, to provide proper documentation, and return when he has said documentation. If he does come back with a court order for some reason, I'm calling my lawyer and the NRA, and I'll use my settlement to get plenty more :).
  17. I dont own any officer!!!!!! Your welcome to look.......... You didnt see any I told you I dont have any. NOW GET OUT lol......

    All the while I will have to look af Got ya bi**h.....