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Thought you would all get a chuckle out of it though...i think being on that list draws unwanted attention for things to be taken out of context.

Gun Fanatics: Greetings, from The Obama Forum!!
On behalf of The Obama Forum and all supporters of Barack H. Obama, praise His name, I'd like to extend my warmest greetings to all of you on this board, and inform you all that I bring a most serious message.

I've been dispatched here to inform all here that this website and forum have been added to a list of possible domestic terrorist hangouts, and also to a list of websites that will be summarily BANNED under the new, progressive leadership and policies of President Obama.

You can view this at the following link:


Moreover, we at The Obama Forum, as political watchdogs and patriotic soldiers of Barack Obama, praise be to Him, have taken it upon ourselves to personally forward this website's address and recorded content directly to Attorney General Holder, to keep on record for later use once trials are to be held for traitors and domestic terrorists.

Guns, as you well know, are inherently evil and racist objects, and tools employed by the white man to oppress the black man for many centuries. Obama, with his vision and intellect, knows fully well that such weapons of destruction cannot be allowed in a progressive society, which is why such social abortions as that ridiculous, racist and moronic set of white rules you call the "constitution" will be banned in due time and the majority of you racist ******** disarmed and then tossed into FEMA camps.

There is still HOPE, however, and you can still CHANGE...and Obama knows this. You are therefore encouraged to reassess your lives, the choices you make, and then to immediately turn in your racist tools to the nearest police station and proclaim your abhorrence of all such objects of hate. You are advised to immediately to begin supporting Barack Obama, and to donate any and all available money to organizations pushing for a better world, free of gun violence (VPC, Brady Campaign, etc.) and to encourage your ******* friends to do likewise.

Otherwise, enjoy the FEMA camps, peckerwoods. The black man's day is finally here, and Obama is showing us the way.

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