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  1. As most of you know, I'm a sucker for a 22. I've bought a half dozen or so of them this year already. The latest is the "big brother" by another mother to my Bearcat and Single six. A Dan Wesson 22.


    Boys and girls, this thing is the MBT of 22 handguns. Made on Dan Wesson's 38/357 frame and cylinder, it's about the size of an "L" frame Smith and Wesson. It is a BIG, HEAVY gun.

    Funny story here. I had one like it about 20 years ago, and traded it off like an idiot. A few weeks ago I saw this one, and I actually believe it is the same one I had way back when. No way to know for sure of course, I lost my old records when my ex and I split up, but it's a clone if not the same.

    I looked for a holster for my Ruger Bearcat. The only one I could find I was willing to spend the money for was one Ruger sells. Really nice little holster. I liked it so much, I ordered one for my Single Six as well. For $45.00 including shipping, they're not bad at all.

  2. I was sorely tempted to buy the 22 Dan Wesson at my local pawn shop about 5 months ago for 299. Kinda regret not buying it.

    I love bigger guns and that would have been so much fun and ZERO recoil on that thing.

    After I get a few more cases of 5.45x39 (I want to get 8 more) and the receivers for my AK kits (12), I think I shall start to concentrate on 22 stuff from then on out.

  3. Very very nice looking collection. It seems like people used to snicker when you told them you plink with a .22. Nowadays with the price of ammo I bet there will be more and more converting. Those holsters are nice looking too but I'm too paranoid they'll leave holster marks.
  4. Sweet wheel guns man 8)
  5. LOL. Its funny, a lot of the AK guys and even AR guys are talking about 22s for fun guns.

    Quite a few of the AR guys are buying the Ciener 22 conversion kits or other dedicated 22 uppers for their ARs. The AK guys are either getting Romy 22 AK trainers or just standard 10/22s or whatever.

    Its just too expensive to bang away for fun with 300-400 dollar a case of ammo and its only going up from here.
  6. Sweet collection you got there CB!

    If and when I run into a good deal on a Single-Six, and I have some cash flow to spend, that will be my next purchase. I want it more for the .22Mag than anything cause I need a good mate for my Marlin 925M .22Mag squirrel gun.