Potential extractor concern

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  1. Sandan

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    Hey guys I am new to the site and I have been reading everything I can from the site. Helped alot on transfering to the ATI Stock but I have a concern. after getting everything in the stock and back together I am having to problems.

    (1) when I tried to cycle some rounds through the carbine, I loaded rounds into amagazine and pulled back on the bolt, let it go forward and the round stripped nicely bit the extractors did not lock onto the chambered round, I tried seversl times to let the bolt go forward from as far back as I could pull it but it would never grap the chambered round.

    (2) My bolt will not lock back manually it does not seem to fit the hole it held fine in the original stock but not in the ATI stock.

    Any thoughts or guidance?

    Thanks Sandan
  2. Welcome to the forum Sandan, does the bolt go all of the way forward without a round in the chamber?

    Also, you may have to either use a file and adjust the bolt lock back hole on the cover so it will fit, or else adjust the 4 mounting holes until the cover aligns for the bolt hold back.

    I have to wonder if the cover is fitted good for it to have two troubles at the same time.

    ATI owners, jump on in!

  3. 47_MasoN_47

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    Mine's extractors occasionally wouldn't go over the round either, so I'd have to push them over. I took it apart and found a rather large burr on the ejector and used an old metal fingernail file to remove it. I haven't got to shoot it yet (still waiting on my mag release screw) but I've cycled a few rounds through it manually and it seems to work much better now.

    By the way, welcome to the forum!
  4. Sandan

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    Yes the bolt goes all the way forward, as far as I can tell. Guess I will have to pull it totally apart and look at the extractor and maybe clean it good while I am at it. It did not seem to let me push it any further forward when the round was in, the back of teh round stuck out of the chamber I would say .25 of an inch?
  5. One last question before you tear it down, when you are manually chambering the rounds, are you letting the bolt go so it can slam forward into battery with the round, or are you slowly riding it forward?
  6. Sandan

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    Yes the bolt is let go after I pull it all the way back still no luck, once I have it all apart how do I remove the extractor to check for burs
  7. 47_MasoN_47

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    I didn't take my extractors out I just worked on em while they were in there. It was a little cramped, but after about 15 minutes I had em working fine again.
  8. The extractor is only for unfired shells. You can remove the extractor completely and it will still cycle fine.
  9. No offense meant, but are you sure about that?

    The extractor claw is what pulls the shell out of the barrel so the firing pin can then hit it and eject it from the chamber.

    It also serves as a sort of pivot point so when the pin does hit it, it helps diredt the empty casing in the right direction out of the chamber instead of just bouncing straight forward and causing a jam.

    That is how my thought process sees it working.
  10. 47_MasoN_47

    47_MasoN_47 You know who I am Member

    Yeah I agree with Waltham on that point, I can easily see a difference in mine pre-filing and post-filing of the ejectors. When the slide comes back after the bullet is fired if the ejector isn't there the empty casing will just sit in the chamber and you will have to pull it out with a knife or something.
  11. Sandan

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    Well I pulled it totally apart, so I guess I will start one piece at a time and remove the burrs and polish any contact areas and sand the inside of my ATI stock. Drill or file out the holes and put it back together and see if it will cycle then.

    My only concern is I have never done any gunsmithing before so this may take awhile, I am sure I will have more questions.

    I wonder if the warranty still applies if I send all the pieces back to Hi-Point :shock:
  12. Sandan

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    Well I finally got it back together, it took me a week to get installed. I am not a gunsmith by any means. I took it all the way down, very interesting :lol: . polished the feed ramp, removed burrs from the extractor, drilled out the bolt holes one size and put it back together. Once I got it back together the slide and cover rocked back and forth, I screwed up and filed alittle off the tope of the slide since it showed rubbing marks like it was making contact with the cover. when I realized that did not take care of it there had to be something below causing a problem, I found there were ridges on the inside of the ATI stock rails where the slide sits, alittle bit of sanding took car of that. not rocking and rolling just smooth sliding back and forth.

    Took it to the range and it actually shot pretty well considering I messed with it. Actullly went bang instead of boom :shock:. Never did get it to cycle rounds by hand so I guess that is not a good test, I recommend you read everythink here, install in the ATI stock if that is the route you are going and live fire to verify cycling. Had alot of fun pulling it apart and working on it.

    Thanks for all you input.