potential low cost 00 buckshot for reloading

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    i have about 200lbs of WW lead that i decided not to cast into bullets. im considering buying a 00 buckshot mold but only if i can sell enough 00 to pay for it. (im short on cash) id be looking for 20$ for 10 lbs worth plus a flat rate box ($9.50) that holds up to 40 lbs i think. so figrue it at 30$ for 10 lbs delivered. i will combine orders to make freight cheaper for you. current pricing for 00 buck at midway is 23.49 for 5 lbs plus about 15$ for freight (last time i ordered). this is an interest guage, not an actual offer. if i get three "yes ill take 10 lbs worth" then i can offer it. when my current supply of lead runs out, the price will increase to reflect my buying price for lead. i prefer money orders but i will accept checks (must clear before shipping). thanks for the interest.

  2. You could probably just sell the WW on ebay and save yourself some work.