Powder Coating

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  1. The_Duke335

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    I was going to have my reciver cover and barrel vent powder coated but when i took to the local shop they wanted $200 to do it !!!!! Tha is way to much !! Is there another way to fix the rust thing and the crapy bluing?

  2. Lashlarue

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    I painted my receiver cover with Krylon fusion, satin black. It's holding up well.I painted the grill work on my Liberty with it and after more than a year it looks like new. 50 car washes, and the wear and tear of being on the front of the car. It's the red in this pic [​IMG] No peeling nicks or scratches, after 16 months.
  3. jsumpter99

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    I wouldnt use powder coating on a firearm, it comes off too easily. I would look into some duracoat if you dont want to blue the weapon. You can get a duracoat starter kit for around $50 and it is much more durable than powder coating.
  4. The_Duke335

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    i might do a duracoat camo pattern ! Has anyone done this to a 995? I think it would be neat! :D
  5. unscarred

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    Aren't all HP pistols powder coated?
  6. I would have to find the pix but I saw a 995 on a duracoaters portfolio that had been done in a snakeskin pattern. Looked bad ass.

    Duracoat holds up well, but in the long run I think I would want to parkerize anything I coat first.

    My duracoating did not adhere well to the stock btw. That may have been a prepwork issue though.
  7. stremph

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    You can Duracoat them yourself for less than $30.

    Another member on here posted something about stripping the current finish by using citrus-flavored Kool-Aid mixed into a thick paste. You probably want to do something like that as part of the prep.
  8. skip that man, have it blasted. quicker and less messy.
  9. Ari

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    +1 on this.... I sand blasted my own weapon last summer it took no time at all. If you have some one do it for it would be really easy.
  10. and if you do duracoat and get it blasted go the extra extra mile and parkerize it first. It reallly soaks in the duracoat then.