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  1. It's been about 15 years since I done any serious reloading, and because of this I am not up to speed on all the new powders I see now days for reloading pistol ammo.My reloading will be for small runs of .380, higher volume of 9mm with the main emphasis on .44 Special. Now my question's to you guys...

    What pistol powders are you guys having the best results with in the 9mm loads.

    Also, anyone here use one powder to cover most all of your handgun reloading... ex 9mm up to .44/.45 calibers?

    Please, DO NOT post load data in open forum, just the powder's your are using.

  2. can't say how it is in .380, but unique is excellent for 9mm and .45 loads.

  3. Had a few folks at the shop recommend Unique too, been browsing the online data charts and it seems to be a pretty universal handgun powder for the calibers I am looking at. Still want some more feedback from others and then I will do my data research and get on with buying powder.

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    I use AA2 and AA5 for just about all I do. Not too expensive but a little dirty. Cleans up well though.
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    I have had good luck with Unique in 9mm 38 and 357 mag and 45acp... I even had loaded some .380 with it...
  6. I've used Unique in 9mm and .45 with good results.

    I prefer Bullseye it is a little bit dirtier but I think makes for a more accurate load with the bullets and powder charges that I use.
  7. HS6, Red Dot, and Unique here.
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    have used both Bullseye and Unique for .380 on up to .45 acp
    work your load up, not down though :oops: :oops: :oops:
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    Vihtavouri 3N37

    For the 9mm I have found that Vihtavouri 3N37 works leaps and bounds better than ANYTHING else I have used. It is not distributed real widely but if you can find it, give it a try. I have found it to be ultra-clean and very repeatable. Also, it fills out the case on max loads so the chance of a double charge is eliminated when reloading.

  11. All Taurus uses is Unique as well, in fact, I have a bottle of it that he gave me before he moved. I am going to give that stuff a try before I experiment with anything else.
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    this depends on what kinds of loads you are going to shoot. If they are mostly light bullets and medium velocities red dot is a good choice. If you want to load heavier bullets at higer velocitied unique is better choice. I keep both on the shelf. Also alliant powder has a top notch reloading guide at:


  13. I have used Unique for years with my .357 mag. When I went to Semi auto pistols I tried Tite Group, but I did not like it. I found Bullseye to work the best for me in my 3" to 4.5" barrels (9mm, 40SW, 45acp). I use Bullseye in my 9mm and 40SW carbines also with good results.
  14. I moved away from unique for my 45 acp loads as I found it to be inconsistant. I am currently using Accurate no.7. But before I give it a ringing endorsment, I need to burn through (bad pun intended) a bunch more of it.

    My experiance only, your results/experiance/opinion/needs may differ.