Power goes out.....go Solar

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    I'm sure this isn't a new idea but I though I would share it anyway.......

    Our power went out a couple months back. I had an idea...bring the solar powered lights in. They weren't super bright but did illuminate the room quite a bit.
    We have 8 solar powered lights along our sidewalk, so we were able to keep one or two in each room. In our situation the power came on the next day. But, if the power would have been out for days...we could have just put the lights back outside (they would be charged for that night) and brought them back in.
  2. Another good idea are the solar charging strips you can buy and use to recharge batteries with. Would not take much to build a protective charging station for outside emergency use.

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    good idea shelby
  4. There was a post on the old forum about building a solar generator for about 300 bucks. The guy was using it to power a full room in his house. TV, DVD player, stereo, and computer. I noticed you could always add extra batteries if needed to extend the life. It was not strong enough to run an AC. There was complete instructions as well.
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    Some friends of mine spent a ton of money on Solar panels. They were trying to see if they could become energy independent instead they ended up saving $0.10 a day. It will take over 20 years for the panels to pay for themselves and they are not efficient enough to really run anything. Maybe if you had 100 grand lying around you could set up panels to run your essentials but I think there must be better methods than solar. (plus in a nuclear winter scenario solar will not work)
  6. Dude, they may have them hooked up wrong or using the wrong kind of batteries. You can't use regular car batteries, you have to use what they call "deep cell" batteries. True, to make your house totally solar would run 50,000 plus. I'm talking about a small power source that can operate without fossil fuel for a survival situation. A couple of lights or maybe a power saw and drill.
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    I think the best thing to run would be a fridge or freezer. On top of that... maybe lights or a radio. heat if you have a radiator.
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    With solar, less is more. There are some new solar panel systems coming out that are much more effient than those made just 5 years ago.

    Cheaper than Dirt has a nice setup but you can do a basic generator for less money.