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  1. what up HPLand! Does anybody out there use or have any experience with Corbon Powrball? I have some in the 9mm variety and they're 100gr, +P rated. They are JHPs with a little polymer ball in the point that eliminates feed problems as well as helping it not to snag on clothing fibers and not expand (gunblast.com/PowRBall.htm). Its pretty expensive, about $23 and some change for 20 rds. I know I cant afford to shoot hundreds of rounds of this to "check it out" but maybe some of you can or have. :lol: Not to many people in IN have much experience with this so I came here to ask the REAL experts
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    rimfirehunter has experience with the .380acp Pow'rBall ammo... I'll tell him to weigh in on this.

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    i've tried them in 9mm and .40, in my c9, 995 and Sigma .40. cycled well, but little to no expansion at least not compared to the fed. hydra shoks or win. rangers i'm currently carrying. imo, if you're carry powerballs you might as well be carrying regular round nose target ammo, at least it's alot cheaper and about the same functionality
  4. If your pistol will feed and function with standard JHP ammo there is no reason to purchase the high priced pow-r-ball ammo. It is designed to be used in pistols that have reliability issues with standard JHP's.

    I have used it in several .380's, just to see how it shot compared to other SD ammo I carry, and it performed well but shot slightly high due to the lighter weight bullet. I like using middle of the road or heavy bullets in a given caliber for SD, pow-r-ball is like using Flyweight because its extremely light in any given caliber when compared to other SD ammo in the same caliber.