Prairie Dogs

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  1. Rachgier

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    2 a piece today for the boys. And a new friend.

    20180909_175228.jpeg 20180909_180724.jpeg 20180909_181403.jpeg 20180909_182702.jpeg 20180909_182719.jpeg
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    Oh super cool, Rach!

    I had a pet tarantula for about 15 years. Her name was charlotte. Coolest, lowest maintenance, not inexpensive to keep pet I ever had!
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  3. Rachgier

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    It was just strolling across the road so I stopped the truck and took some pictures.
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    Most of the species native to the Americas are actually pretty docile. The bigger species in general tend to be docile too. I guess because they don't have to be aggressive, they're so big.
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    FB_IMG_1536551720462.jpg fun pic of my charlotte. I had to poke and prod her quite a bit to get her riled up enough to display like that for the shot.
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  6. Rachgier

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    The tarantula migration is crazy around here. I love going out to watch it. That's about the average size here, but I've seen some nice ones. Coffee saucer/dessert plate sized.
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    Dont like spiders.

    I can tell you the story about the banana spider I shot when I was active in the Corps. I won't bore you except to say it scared the bejabbers out of my fire team members and the azzes left me at the shot. Jerks. Glad it was just a spider and not the boogeyman.
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  8. My first experience with a tarantula was in Costa Rica. I was 8 years old at the time, it scared the beegeebies out of me. The locals called them "Pica Caballo" (horse biter).
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    I have a local friend who runs out to western SD/ND to shoot prairie dogs several times each summer. He and his son just returned from a trip. They run special bolt action .22-250 and .223 rifles. One of them shoots from a special little trailer with 4 electric jacks to raise it and level it. There is a shooting post mounted to the trailer and a led sled type rifle holder can be attached to it. In last trip out two weeks ago, they fired about 1500 rounds and got about 600 prairie dogs. Shots typically between 300-500 yds with a few out to almost 600.
    All ammo custom loaded for each rifle.

    They've been doing this long enough that the landowners contact them to let them know which pasture/field has a problem. Its amazing the damage that can be done to a field by a big colony of pdogs.