Prayers for the wife please

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    The wife has been sick for about 2 weeks now. Because of underlying health conditions, COPD and a couple of heart attacks, I encourage her to visit the doctor at the onset of any illness. But she is stubborn and this event was no different.

    Past Friday as I am driving home I get a call from her. She can barely talk, but I gather she can not get her breath. I call 911, but as I am in another county they can not help me. I ask them to transfer me to the proper county, but they can not. Shitty system. I get in touch with my daughter and she gets an ambulance on the way. They carry her to Baptist Hospital.

    She has fluid on the lungs and fluid around her heart. Oxygen saturation is good, but the oxygen is not getting to her organs. There is an abnormal heartbeat. They are working to prevent pneumonia and a heart attack. She is not doing good.

    Asking for any prayers she can receive. Thank you.
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    If I dial 911 at my house I get the county above me they just transfer me to mine. I don't dial 911 here. I just directly call dispatch now.

    In KY I was encountering a drunk driver on and off for 90-110mi. They would transfer me to the next county. Not sure what's up with NC.
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    Prayer offered, greg.
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  4. Our prayers on the way for your wife, you, and your family.
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    Prayers sent Greg - hope everything turns out OK - keep us up to date!!
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    Will do! Sorry to hear that! Hope she has a fast recovery!
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    They just said I needed to call Stokes county. I told them I dialed 911 and got you (Rockingham County). What was I supposed to do, drive until I crossed the county line and call back while hoping she did not die while I was trying to get to Stokes county? Her response? "Sorry, you need to call Stoles County 911."

    It’s 1 and 1/2 hour drive to my house from work. I was maybe 20 minutes into the trip when Deborah called me. I cut some minutes from the trip while hoping maybe I would get an escort along the way. When I got to the house the ambulance had left with her, but when I called the hospital(s) she had not been admitted yet. I was not sure if they had taken her to Baptist, Forsyth, or Northern. Glad they took her to Baptist, I like that hospital.
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    I hope she gets better, Greg.
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    Prayers for a quick recovery!
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    Prayers for her, and you too. The stress must be high, brother. Stay strong, remember to take a breath every now and then, and be the man she needs right now. I know you will be.
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    hopes and prayers, sorry to hear.
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  15. Prayers for you and your wife Greg. Hope she gets well soon.
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    Lifting your wife and you up in Prayer.
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  17. Prayers sent for your wife and family
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