Pregnant Austrian teens in ISIS: We’ve made a huge mistake

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  1. Sad that these kids are finding out the hard way about the true nature of (radical?) Islam.

    That truth isn't allowed to be spoken in their schools, the entertainment media, the mainstream press, their churches, social organizations, or by their government officials.

    These kids running off to join the jihad are walking right into a lion's den, and few are willing to warn them of what really awaits.

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    Well gee, if you do say anything, your an intolerant racist bigot. That's almost as bad as being conservative in some circles.:cool:
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    Almost....not quite:D
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    Sounds like a jerry springer show intro.
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    I gotta disagree. There are plenty of people telling them what a stupid idea it is and there are news channels constantly talking about the evils of radicalism and radical Islam. It's not as if the information was hidden or unavailable to them, they just did not want to hear it.

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    When they think that way is better than where they are, what does that say about our society? Maybe they see something to believe in, instead of ipads and cell phones, and everything else money can buy. Bet they sure miss their toys when they don't have them.
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    It's a sad thing that such a truly brutal organization has such a draw on troubled kids over romanticizing life.
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    Hey, just wanted to point out...these girls weren't from "our society" to begin with, these girls were "Austrian" but they were more likely Turks, or from the Serbian area. Austria and Germany, plus other European countries bring in lots of people from those areas as refugees or as labor.

    They were already Muslim, so joining up with ISIS wasn't that far off of their normal world view.

    At least these two now realize it was stupid.;)
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    I saw a young (20 to 23) very Caucasian-looking woman working as a cashier at Wal-Mart today. She was dressed like a Muslim. Very sad. Islam is straight from the pit of hell.
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    Oh shoot, I thought it said "Australian", which I kind of think as western society. But you're right, their bf's are probably already there.
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    No kidding you made a huge mistake!
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    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.