Premiere HiPoint Dealer needs Customer's Input!

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by thingmeister, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. thingmeister

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    Im partnering with the newly constructed GatShack of Reno ( They are planning to sell tuned hipoints right out the box. threading barrels, suppressors, TMF 1911 catch already installed, polished ramp, and mabye more! I cant wait to see what else we are going to do! they had even mentioned a select fire carbine!

    The real question for this thread is I wanted to ask the masses, "What do you want?" What do you want polished, or modded, or installed on you hipoint pistols or carbines to make them truly High performance right out of the box?
  2. MachoMelvin

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    1) Your grips, of course
    2) Longshot's stuff
    3) Mahan sights
    4) Joey Keychains
    5) Color fill slide
    6) 10 mm chambering
    7) MaryB custom stuff
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  3. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Finished it for you.;)
  4. moona11

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    Joey's new rear sight.
  5. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Joey has a rear sight?
    Linkage, please?
  6. cruiser

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  7. diamondrattler

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    Drum mag for the carbine.
  8. undeRGRound

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    Mr. ThingMeester is already working on that and a double or quad stack
    carbine magazine. Without which, a select fire HP would be quite silly :p
    He has stated that the Korean Drum Magazines hold 32 rounds of 9mm? :confused:
    Or was that 40 S&W? IDK, :p

    Mr. ThigMeester, I really want a 10mm carbine :D
    My burfday is coming SOON!!! :eek: :rofl:
  9. diamondrattler

    diamondrattler Member

    I understand this is one of the most popular requests. What I don't get is why the hell the company never did it.
  10. knastera

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    Standard Picatinny rails on the forestock
    Ambidextrous safety
    Switchable mag release
    Textured grips
  11. ndindy

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    The 10mm or one of the other on the list?

    For the 10 I'd guess it's too much pressure for their design to work safely.
  12. Dave4903

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    For pistols - better magazines, fiber optic sights