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  1. Scottbapt

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    Macain, Hillary, or Obama?

  2. Sorry, doesnt look like thats going to happen

    "Congressman Hunter has dropped out of the race. Please do not send contributions.

    Direct questions and comments to [email protected]"
  3. griff30

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    McCain PRES AND Condoleezza Rice VICE PRES
  4. [​IMG]

    Or we could just:

    [​IMG] :shock:

    If we're really unlucky and fate hates us we'll get McCain. If fate despises us and really really is out to get us it will be HRC / BHO :twisted:
  5. LOL good one NDS.

    I think when it comes to politics, its not always who is the best person to vote for, but who is not the worse person to vote for :shock:
  6. Space

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    +1 to that ticket.
  7. I like the McCain and Condi idea, count me in for that. Other than that my sig speaks my mind these days.
  8. McCain.

    as for which is the "better" (for lack of a better term) of the two dems: I think I might go with Hillary (though I shudder to think of her as President, I'm stricken with absolute fear with the thought of Obama).
  9. NDS: my position exactly.

    This isn't fun.
  10. I think the Dems are hurting themselves with the fighting that is going on between their top 2 canidates
  11. While you're correct, it's still a 'so F*'g what' feeling for us all. HRC has so many negatives and is running so weak in the primaries that she is almost certain to lose against McCain. That Hillary C has made it impossible for Barack O to get elected by giving John M the perfect commercial (sound bite where she says 'I have experience, McCain has experience, Obama has a speech from 2002) to defeat him with doesn't change the fact that we will be the losers on election day.

    Remember: the lesser of evils = evil

  12. That is what I do not like about a 2 party system. After election day is over, you have 1/2 of the nation who feel that they got the shaft.

    And then you have the ones that even though their party won, the person in that party that they were backing didnt make it to the top, so they feel shafted too.

    So that makes about 3/4 of the nation feeling like they got the shaft.

    Kinda depressing, isnt it?
  13. McCain... but if I had a choice I'd pencil in Donald Duck... or my dog.
  14. Ridge

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    Im writing in Ron Paul and encouraging all my friends to do the same...

    But hey, I say vote from the rooftops :)
  15. I understand your feelings Ridge, but basically, isnt a vote for a Repub that has no chance whatsoever of winning a vote for which ever Dem ends up running?
  16. AndrewST

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    Tough choice. I was all about Mike Huckabee...but that ride ended.

    Not sure who I am going to vote for, odds are it will be Obama...maybe McCain. McCain kinda scares me, he is so war hungry.
  17. Ridge

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    I dont see either getting it.

    Hillary is too hardcore for what she feels is right and most people see her as a psychopath (hell her own election team is jumping ship)

    Obama wont win it because he keeps saying "I want change" without actually saying what he is going to do. Then there is the whole sharing names with 2 terrorists thing...

    Most Americans are sick of seeing 8 years of Republican inactivity, but just like last election, I will vote for the Republican because I dont like what the Democrats are Kerry. They couldve easily taken the oval office in 2004 but for some reason they chose to run a guy who had no idea what he stood for...

    Waltham, I am willing to bet you $50 that the Republicans keep the office this election. You in? Payment gets sent to the winner November 5th? :)