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  1. We all make sure our weapons are cleaned and ready , and our knives are sharp , and to make sure that our gen sets are mechanically in top notch condition so it will fire off when the time comes. But have we did an honest look at ourselves ? Have we neglected our teeth and gums because of some excuse ? As the late Mel Tappan wrote that you don't want your wife trying to pull an absesed tooth one night by lamp light with a pair of vice grips and a razor blade . How about your health ? Have you been trying to quit smoking or to loose weight ? When was the last time you went for a complete fisical , including a colonostomy ? Now is the time to get ourselves in the best condition that we can so when TSHTF we at least have a fighting chance. I understand that many of us have medical problems that require daily medication and I am not talking about this . We have cut back a lot on our salt and fried food consumption , and being from the South it is hard. All I ask is to take a good look at your selves and see if we can improve our health.
  2. Bought a weight bench for me and have an eliptical on the way. Me and wife have decided it's time to do something about our slowly declining health. Not near unhealthy, but not near what we used to be.

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    When was the last time anyone here walked for 10 miles with their BOB?

    5 miles?

    1 mile?

    How many walk a mile each day without their BOB? I mean on purpose, not going to the frige during commercials.

    How many here use their BOB on a regular basis?

    How many have used every item in their BOB just to see if it really works?

    Did you realize that Mel Tappan was a philosopher activist, bound to a wheelchair?

    Everything he wrote was theory and speculation rather than personally acquired experience.

    How many here speak from theory rather than...

    Not that there's anything wrong with that...
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    I sure hope you mean "ColonOSCOPY" cause I can take having the doctor run a 6 foot scope up my @$$ a whole lot better than I could take having my @$$ removed and having to poop into a plastic bag hanging from my side for the rest of my life.
  5. Right now with my PT regimen, I am running about 6 - 7 miles a week. This is about to increase as I want to lose some of these pesky extra pounds that I have regained since Thanskgiving.

    Of course, right now I have the next few days off... I am enjoying my break from PT thank you very much.
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    Excellent post, Spot! I'm guilty of some of this, lol. I just turned 40 and my body has started reminding me I'm not an indestructible young buck anymore. A few years ago I cut out excess salt and sugar from my diet, and began to drink a bit less than an average of a beer/shot/glass of wine per day. Never smoked, and love my veggies. I had my annual physical last summer and all was well (except the extra weight around my middle). I just upgraded my gym (corner of garage with a bunch of free weights and a bench) last week and will be headed out to the store to replenish my supplements and protein powder supply shortly. As far as the BOB, my gear is all very simple and I learned how to use it through years of Scouting and 4 years in the Army. I'm one of those cavemen who still uses a compass, map, and pace beads to get around in the woods, lol. As far as walking, my wife and I will be doing a short (5 mile round trip) little picnic hike this weekend.
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    I am not going to lie. I have slacked majorly in the physical fitness realm. But, I just started to walk/jog to get my cardio up. I used to play basketball for over 3 hours a day running up and down the court. Now, I even run up that same court twice and I am winded. :( CRAP MAN!!! I need to get my rear in gear. Hopefully I can start a pre-boot camp regiment. I found some for Army, Air Force and Marines online. Wish me luck guys.

    P.S. - Doc says I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol........YIKES!!!
  8. Decoligny
    Sometimes I get words mixed up. I ment a procedure where the doctor inserts a scope where the sun don't shine.
    Thanks for getting me straight.
    BTW I am 57 years old and the only meds that I take is vitamins . I am an assembly quardinator at work and am on the go most of the day with short sesions at my desk.
  9. I am wayyyyy out of shape and 48 yrs old. Was told my doc to loose quite a bit of weight, but now my knees have went out and I can not walk to good (my prefered exercise)

    You young guys, loose that weight and get in shape while you are young, it gets harder as you get older!