Price for "Used" HP-380 ??

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by squeak_D, May 1, 2008.

  1. squeak_D

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    What would be a good price on a used HP 380 in excellent condition? I'm going to sell mine with two mags and I was curious what I should ask for it. I see the prices online for the .380's now have climbed up to $120-$129 (yikes). Anyone have any idea?

    **forgot to mention** I'm selling not only with two mags, but also with a Hogue grip, and nylon holster. So I need an idea of what to ask for all of this in one package.

  2. MrBrooks908

    MrBrooks908 Guest

    I got my mine new for 109.00 and case was 25.00

  3. I paid $130 for a used one from another forum member. Came with hard case, 4 mags and two partial boxes of ammo.
  4. urotu

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    I paid $158 OTD for mine with an extra 10 rd mag, a nylon belt holster and a 50 rd box of ammo