Pricing, how did I do ?

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  1. Hi Point .45 > $149.95
    MagTech (230 gr) Ammo (50 cn) > $14.95

    Hi Point C9 > $139.95
    PMC (115 gr) Ammo (50 cn) > $13.99

    New at this pistol thing and I want to know afterhand if I got a fair deal. The 9 came with a molded plastic case.

  2. Prices seem fair for pistols. I've seen lower and higher.

    The 9mm, assuming you mean RMC...... that's on sale somewhere in my area just about all the time for $7/50 rnds. I don't buy 45 so someone will have to add.

  3. Not bad, and as Newskate says, they vary. Here in GA, we seem to have it pretty good: you're a bit higher by $10 or so than what I've seen here in ATL, but on the other hand, you got the case (which I didn't), so you're about even. You absitively didn't get taken.

    Welcome to the forum, and wring out those HPs!
  4. Picked up my C9 for $129 a couple of weeks ago. Case not included.
  5. I got my c9 for $151 and my .45 for $171
  6. You did about average. Wait long enough and you can find 'em cheaper on sale every few months, but all in all a good buy.
  7. I live in SE Florida. You did very well for my area.
  8. Sportsman Surplus here in Missoula had a terrific sale on Jan 1 on anything in the store, such that if you spent $100 on anything they'd knock off $30.

    My neighbor and I went in there and he was looking at the Hi-Point 9mm for $129.99 NIB, which is the going price now most everywhere in Montana. So he picked it up for $99.99.

    That is the price I paid last summer when I first got mixed up with you people!! :mrgreen:
  9. Central Mo. C9 $169.00, 40 cal. $189.00. Thay had been backordered for 8 months. The clerk said thay had ordered a case of each on a special offer. Thay were about $50.00 cheeper than another local dealer.
    I gave $98.00 for my c9 and $139.00 for the 40 Cal. 3 years ago.