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Discussion in 'Rifle Cartridge Data' started by histed, Sep 17, 2016.

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    I'm working with W760 powder and Hornady 95 grn SST bullets in a 243 Winchester. Not happy at all with results to date. Very erratic, stringing. and generally large groups. I've been using CCI 200 primers. Since this is a ball powder, should I be using 250 magnum primers? Any experience with this?
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    I don't have my loading manuals handy now but, W760 is a little on the slow side. You could try CCI 250's and see how they work. Watch for pressure signs. I almost never use Magnum primers. I shoot a lot of IMR 4350 and just use CCI 200's. I also shoot a lot of W748 and just use CCI 200 or Federal 210. Some loading manuals recommend magnum primers with ball type powders. Let us know if you get better results.

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    Finally got out to the range yesterday. I shot differing weights of W760, RL22, and H4350. Every powder turned in better groups with CCI 250 magnum primers. H4350 had NO bad groups - the biggest was just 7/8 at 100 yards, the smallest was 3/8. RL22 worked best neat maximum, with groups between 5/8 and 1". I shot 5 shot groups with 760 (I have more of that) and got interesting results. First three would always be fairly tight, four would open the group and five increased to 13/8 to 11/4" every time. I'm guessing heat, since I didn't see this with three shot groups. I have four more powders to try, but expect similar results. Conclusion - in THIS rifle (Savage Axis, south-paw), magnum primers do make a difference. As always, YMMV.
  4. Thanks for reporting your results. I'll keep this in mind as something to try if I'm having a problem.
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    CCI 250 primers. Noted ;)

    Large Magnum.