pro con for .40 or .45

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    I recently sold my C9 to a friend that just had to have it. Now I'm looking at the larger .40 and .45 cal HP handguns. Which is better or are they about the same. Is one ammo more expensive then the other? Are they the same gun with only the barrel bore different? I'm a little runt and recoil comes into play. I just shot my .357 Taurus 605 with .38 specials and that's no problem. I put in .357 mags and felt like firecrackers in my hand. Not fun. OK , I'm a woos, I'll admit it. Does the .45 or .40 kick harder? I've only fired a Glock .45 once and it didn't seem to bad. Thanks, Rob
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    they are the same frame.. and im no expert but im pretty sure the 40cal has more felt recoil due to the high pressures that its loaded to.

    the 45 is actually quite managable. I have the JHP45.. was my second gun, right after a 22lr buckmark.. talk about a size difference! lol.

    i think the 45 will fit you better, same size as the 40, less expensive round to buy, and less felt recoil.

  3. go with the won't regret it.
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    Same frame, different calibers...

    My 13 YO son shoots my .45 like nothing, likes it better than my Cobra 380, less felt recoil.

    My buddy has a Glock sub-comp in .40 and it has less felt recoild than my JHP .45, but not much.

    I would prefer the .45, but that's just personal prefrence. Either is a fine caliber, the .45 is just that much bigger.
  5. I have always found the .40S&W to have a snappy recoil feel that is more pronounced than the .45acp. Both have considerably more felt recoil and upward push than the 9mm though, so recoil recovery for fast follow up shots will be slower with the .40/.45 than with the 9mm.

    The way ammo prices are with .40 and .45 you will either start reloading or shooting your revolver a lot more, unless you have deep pockets, no wife, no kids and no ambition to do anything other than spend money on ammo. :)
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    .45 ACP ammo is marginally more expensive than .40 S&W, depending on the brand that you shoot and how much shopping around you're willing to do. That being said, when it was time to find a brother for for my C9, I chose the JHP45. The purchase price ($180 OTD) was exactly the same as the .40 and my wife already has a .40 caliber Glock (even though I never get to shoot it).

    Basically, for me it came down to getting the biggest bang for my buck. I think I did. My suggestion to you is to go big or go home. :wink:

    Note: This is only my personal opinion. Your results, and enjoyment, may vary.
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    I went through this same decision process- I was planning to go for the .40, but was mulling the .45 in the back of my mind. When I got to my local shop and he had the .45 in stock at $160, it changed my plans a bit. I actually just picked up my new JHP tonight! I was thinking about getting a gym membership, but I think simply carrying this thing around will do the trick! :wink: (and no, before you say anything, I don't actually plan to CC this thing, and yes, I knew it was chunky going into it, but wanted it anyway!).

    Long story short, I went for the hole-digger first, but only because I knew I'd be coming back for the 9mm and the .40 later!
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    Get the 45 My handles Corbon's ect very well . I have even shot some Law Enforcement 45 ammo through it. Very little rise the gun just pushs you hand back.
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    JHP (.45),
    Less expensive ammo, bigger bullets, legendary

    JCP (.40)
    1 extra round in the magazine

    Same frame size, same magazines

    I personally am getting the .45 this friday as a companion to my C9.
  10. May I quote the old American addage? Bigger is better!!

    I love my .45. i always thought th 40 to be a bastard caliber between the 9mm, and the .45ACP It is faster then a 45, but bigger than a 9mm. either go with a 9mm or a 45.

    So get the 45
  11. Silicon Wolverine

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    .45 is significatly easier and safer to reload if you swing that direction. a 40 is not forgiving to relaoders.

  12. .45! Have it! Love it! Easy to shoot. More power. Ammo a lille bit cheaper. The only pro to the .40 is the one extra round in the mag.
  13. Well now what have you chosen to get?? I see a lot have posted to go for the 45. I must agree with them as well.

    Lets see some pictures when you get it.
  14. I have both and honestly prefer the .40.

    You can get .40 S&W ball ammo in 180gr, almost as heavy as the common .45acp 230gr but with more power behind it.

  15. +1
  16. hey constantine, i finally saw rambo...and i heard that line from
    your sig. nice!:)
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    Well I did get a 45 JHP and shot around 25 rds throught it to make sure it worked and it's great. However I had a brain thing in my head to turn it into a large frame 9mm. Why? Just because I guess. Why do people jump out of a perfectly good airplane with only a parachute? Why climb Mt Everest when theres no one up there who cares? Why take a nice automobile and modify it to go 200 MPH around a circle with gas prices up over $4? Why tare down a perfectly good house and build a bigger one that you can't afford the property taxes on? This is America thats why, and we can do things here in this country that expand our knowledge and experience that will make the world a better place, or not.
    Heres the thread on the mods so far. Caveat emptor, your milege may vary, don't shoot your eye out, don't try this at home, etc, etc. rj