Pro-Mag, nothin but crap?

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  1. I've heard people warn people away from Pro-Mags products a lot for different firearms and was just wondering if they make anything that works well at all? I noticed they had a 1911 drum mag. Seems like it would be awesome to have along with the Mech Tech CCU, but I hear nothing but bad things about them. Do they make anything worth buying?
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    pro mag is mostly about quantity over quality at a cheap price. the mags work accordingly. the only pro mag ive ever had good lucj with was one for my beretta 21A .22LR


  3. You might as well spend the money and buy 10 round factory mags for your Hi-Point. The pro mags are junk, don't waste your money.
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    Pro mag for sks is junk. Needs way to much dremil work required to function.
  5. As far as I'm concerned, you can take the "?" off of that statement.
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    I Don't understand WHat your gettin at, or saying. :?

    Is this statment made for me??? :roll:

    Just asking. 8)
  9. Their customer support is fast and nice to deal with. Cant say much nice about their mags though :cry:
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    Makes sence know Thanks guys. :oops:
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    I use Pro Mag 20 rounders in my Ruger Mini 14s,508 series rifles. They fit beautifully in the rifle,feed 223 without fail, drop out of the rifle without a hangup, are strong steel,have good, stiff springs,have a good blued finish,are reasonabley priced @ $18 each and are readily available. No complaints here, fellas.
  12. I have a couple of Pro-Mags for my AKs just so I'm good on 922r parts count and I've never had a problem with them. They feed fine with no problems. As for the 15-rounder for the Hi-Point....not too great. Unless you are willing to do modifications to it, it's really not worth it.
    Friend of mine had a Pro-Mag for the SKS and as someone posted earlier,
    it's just not a good mag.
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    I just bought 3 promags for my 9mm M4 that I'm building. I've heard good things about them. I'll let you guys know how they function if my upper ever arrives.
  14. The topic in this thread pretty much sums up my expierence with ProMag products.
  15. Sorry Thayldt21, what I meant was taking the "?" from: "Pro-Mag, nothin but crap?"
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    Ya, If you see the time I asked you could understand I was tired and was incapable of understanding.

    I was confused, trying to figure out what stupidness I must have typed but a few of the lesser tired guys help my moronish self figure it out.

    Sorry for the confusion on my part.

    nothin but friends here, Just some not as bright as others. Dang that thayldt guy any way,. lol
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    That's kinda like saying "The restaraunt's food taste like rancid dogfood, but the service is wonderful".

    If you don't get what you pay for, why bother with it at all.