probably shouldnt of, but i did.

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    Got stuck out this weekend due to the weather, so I had to frequent a laundromat to clean some clothes for next week. Another couple there stuck a bill in the change machine and claimed they were shorted. I stuck a $10 bill in, figured I may get their coin ( I would have given it to them), but no. I got $9.75 back. If every time someone stuck a bill in, he made a quarter how much would that be at the end of the year?

    Anyway, there is a sign there that says if you see unauthorized use, call Bob. Well I called Bob. He said there was no way he was coming down in this weather for a quarter. No, it's 50¢, the other couple wants there quarter too. In the end, he agreed to send each of us a check for 25¢.

    I really don't expect to get the check, but at least I was able to vent some frustration from not getting home.
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    should have charged him interest on it also

  3. I really wanna see a post that says, "So I didn't."
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    I bought a 10 box brick of CCI Std. Velocity at Academy, they were putting
    on new UPC stickers that would scan as 10 boxes, because the existing UPC
    did not scan at all. I went to the front, the cutey at the register said $3.73...
    I thought it's an internal problem, I shouldn't say anything, "So I Didn't" :p
  5. That's better. :p

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    Local Walmart has several cases of Tula AK food. It is 1gr different than what they normally sell. They can't scan it. It also has to be scanned for our $.10 a box wildlife fund. I wish it would go to fixing my favorite range. Only one distance for pistol and that is 25yds.
  7. undeRGRound

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    Buy a Case for 10¢ :eek: :D
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    I hope you get that check!
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    Got my rear end suspended from another site not once but twice. Once under one user name for 6 months and once under another user name for 1 month. Go figure! :confused: The first just cause I told the owner/site administrator, who didnt agree with what I had to say, to go have sex with himself and the second time because I told a site moderator to go have sex with himself for the same reason. Whatever happened to the freedom of speech and not having to be politically correct? I tell you, what is the world coming to! :rofl:
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