PROBLEM: 995 ATI stock...Mags kinda loose in well?

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Mikinbin, Jan 13, 2008.

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    Hello all...just wondering if anyone has ever experienced this problem:

    In order to avoid jamming I have to exert a little upward pressure with my fingers from the bottom of the mag when firing. If I don't, the bullets jam every other round. It seems the mags are hanging a little too low in the well for the slide to strip the cartridge cleanly from the mag onto the feed ramp. If I could just figure out how to get the magazine to firmly sit up higher in the well (without any external rigs), I know the problem would be cured. I have no problems with any mags falling out during firing like I've read about in other posts. There is just a small amount of play up and down/side to side when they are in the well. Any help greatly appreciated.

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    I haven't had that problem, but I have noticed the mag seems to be a little "loose". No feeding problems since the ATI change. In fact, it seems to be better now. You might want to double check your mag release mechanism and be sure its staying in the right spot.

    I also put a scope on mine just today but like the iron sights better, I think. I'll need to play with the scope to better sight it in, though.

    Tell us about the bipod!

  3. The bipod looks like a Leapers UTG TL-BP69S

    It mounts using the swivel stud or a picatinny rail.
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    Thanx for the link... but none of my hi-point mags have broken bases. Still troubleshooting and always open to suggestions.

    thanx again
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    I went out to the range today to test the 995 in the factory stock... and I still experienced some jamming (ATI stock is not the culprit). I think the problem is because the cases are not ejecting properly. The breech bolt is closing on the cases as they are ejecting and catching them half way out of the ejection port. It happens intermittently but it seems to get better the more rounds I put through the rifle ( about 400 rds already). I've already polished the feed ramp, but I don't feel it's a feeding problem. I believe the cases are not clearing the ejection port fast enough to let the breech bolt close and chamber the next round. I notice the next round ready to feed up the ramp behind the wedged case. What do you guys think?