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    This is just to let people know which head stamps of brass could give you problems while reloading. Please feel free to add your own if you've found any. Please list caliber, head stamp, and what the issue is.

    The following are all 9mm brass cases.

    WIN head stamp - I've been coming across some cases lately that have a ridge about .180" - .190" below the case mouth. I assume this is to prevent bullet set-back. If your bullets are set more than .180" into the case this could give you an unwanted bulge.

    WMA head stamp - Same type of ridge but doesn't seem as pronounced.

    Tulammo - a lot of flash holes are off center, a lot. Have seen some that are against the side of the primer pocket. This can be a problem if the cases need to be trimmed.

    Ammoload and IMT - These have a large ridge inside the case that reduces the case volume. This can be a big problem if you are putting together hot loads and these cases are mixed in with your brass. I've heard a lot of these are coming from Freedom Munitions. Have heard there are .45acp from Ammoload with the same feature.

    This is what the Ammoload stuff looks like.


    That's all I've got for tonight. Will post more when I find them. Post up what you've found. Thanks.
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    About 6 months ago I had purchased some .223 brass that had been gathered from a LEO range. Some of the brass has WCC head stamps (may be others) and a date code of 08 (may be others), also there was a small "S" stamped into the case. At first glance I thought this "S" was a NATO mark and didn't think much of it. Turned out these were simunition cases. They are non-lethal training rounds. The case rim measures ~.360" instead of .375" like normal .223/5.56 case rims. This is so a lethal round can not be fired in a rifle with a simunition bolt. If you try loading these as normal .223 you will most likely have extraction issues. They also make 9mm simunition rounds.

  3. Thanks for this thread...I've had problems with.38 special brass from CBC (range pickup); many of the cases have rims that are too thick to fit in my (Lee) shell holder, so I have to pitch them.

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    I've had CBC .38 special cases with the same problem, either too thick or too large of a diameter rim.

    CBC 9mm cases are also questionable. I know guys who say they've had problems with reloaded CBC cases passing the "plunk" test (dropping a reloaded round into a barrel chamber to make sure it head spaces on the case mouth). I don't come across a lot of CBC 9mm cases so I just toss them to avoid the headaches.

    Haven't seem any problems with CBC .45acp cases......yet.
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    I was reloading 9mm for my brother and we noticed some of the cases had a slight bulge. After inspecting I noticed all of the bulged cases were CBC. So we did a little bullet pulling op and reloaded them in different cases. Won't use CBC 9's any more. Haven't had the thick base problem with the .38 Specials yet. They fit into my Lee shell holder fine.