Problem with turbo tax and economic stimulus payments?

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  1. Silicon Wolverine

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    OK i did my taxes (well the wife did actually) with turbo tax. My stimulus payment hasnt arrived yet and by the numbers it should have. My wife was told if you used turbo tax you got shuffled to the bottom of the pile regardless of how you sent it in (electronic or paper) and you will get your checks last after everyone else that used an accountant or did it with paper forms. Can anyone shed some light on this? I really dont have the time to spend three or four hours on the phone with the IRS.

  2. gunnut

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    Did you have the turbotax fees taken out of your tax refund? My wife did this and ours will be delayed a while and will come snailmail instead of direct deposit.

  3. Heres the deal. If you paid with credit card to Turbo Tax and did direct deposit, then you should have gotten your refund by now (I did).

    THe problem occurs if you did NOT want to use your credit card to have the fees taken and instead opted to have the fee taken out of your refund after you receive it.

    If you did the latter choice (fee taken out of the actual refund rather than pre-pay the fee with credit card) then thats why your rebate is being mailed to you.

    When you did the fee out of refund method, what is happening is that your refund is being deposited to a third party account (turbo tax,'s not your) so that turbo tax can then take the 29 dollars out of the account for their cut THEN they again forward the remaining money (your refund now minus the 29 dollars) to your actual account.

    The IRS will not direct deposit rebates into third party accounts so thats why they mail those people checks.

    So in a nutshell, if you opted to have the turbotax (or other company) fees taken out of the actual refund rather than using a credit card to pre-pay them, then you will get a check mailed to you.
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    I did this, and haven't recieved my stimulation... I did get a notice in the mail saying expect it in 6 weeks! Dumb... plain dumb.
  5. Actually its not really that dumb when you think about it. Do you want the IRS just dumping a bunch of your money into another 3rd party account not of your own?

    I know I sure didn't.
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    No, It was duumb of me to go third-party and not pay the <$30 fee to have it processed, rather than having them take it out of the refund...
  7. Well the difference between the 2 choices was that you could either pay the 18.95 upfront using you credit card and have the refund and stimulant deposited into your account but say you don't have the money or you don't have the credit card?

    If you have no credit card or just didn't have the money, then its good to have that option for the 30 dollar fee to be removed from your account after you get your refund.

    A little bit more inconvenient in regards to your stimulant but its better than having to wait for your refund to come in the mail.

    So either choice has their pluses and minuses.
  8. Strangerous

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    It was pure laziness... in my situation... :shock: :lol:
  9. I used turbo tax and direct deposit and I paid with my credit card on Feb 2. The last two digits of my soc. # are 00. I should of recieved my deposit the first or second day( I would think) but it came at the end of the first week of deposits and I spent every sent on a new gun!!! I was supprised not to get mine until about 5 days later, I guess alot of people must of met the same criteria, or the government just hates me! J/K Sorry to hear about the delay of your funds, Hope it shows up soon for you.
  10. Ari

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    I can't help you for this year but for next year. There is better software and it is called Tax Act.
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    We fell into the same mess. I sure wish we would have known about it sooner. We still have not gotten the mystery second letter from the IRS the TurboTax e-mail was talking about.

    From what I've been hearing a lot of people are getting screwed up by this. I know several people who filed this way and paid some bills in advance (including me) thinking that based on the info on the IRS website I was getting my money the first week of May. Now I find out I am not going to see it until the end of June at the earliest.

    Something tells me that Turbo Tax is going have some unhappy customers.
  12. Its not only Turbo tax people, I think that my buddy who used some other program is having the same issue.
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    Deleted double post by bobotech.

    Myself, went to an online tax place, got my taxes back in February.
    Last week, I got the notice about the stimulus check AND the check the same day. I paid with a CC. Dunno if that matters.