problems with federal bulk ammo/weak loads

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  1. Silicon Wolverine

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    Anybody else having problems with weak federal bulk pack ammo? My wife bought me 5 cases over the weekend and they seem less powerful than older federal bulk i have. They wont cycle my 10/22 about half the time and jam it. They wont cycle my PK-22 or Beretta 21A at all either. They do work OK in my P-22, but not the best and it needs a new recoil spring. Anybody else running into problems? Oh BTW all these guns were shot on a fresh cleaning and oil job. My 10/22 will cycle perfecltly with remington high velocity game loads or CCI blazer as well.

  2. THat's what I bought first for my 10/22 and I got quite a few jams. I just figured it was a case of new gun new mags. But several people I talked to have had the same problem with .22 and several other cal. as well. It's reached the point where the guys I know won't even buy Federal any more. Makes me glad I only picked up 1 box.

  3. I get the occasional jam and squib round, but overall they have been working fine out of my Marlin Model 60 and my P-22.
  4. Dumb question here. What is the difference between bulk ammo and boxed ammo of the same mfg and caliber. Is bulk ammo some sort of factory second rate ammo?

    I have always wondered that.
  5. In my group bulk refers to (in .22lr) as those 500+ rnd boxes where they just dump them in loose. But that's the only differance I know of. It's like buying at sams club, larger volume less price per piece.
    I've been buying up the Blazer 500 rnd packs at fleetfarm because inside there are 10 small boxes w/trays in them. I need 2 more to be able to fill my ammo can. Then it's lots of bulk, if I can find better than the federal.

    BTW anybody know where I can grab some empty boxes with plastic trays for 9mm and 7.62x54r?
  6. I havent bought any .22s since this summer. When I did I bought two 550 bulk packs of federal so I cant commint on the newer stuff floating out there. I will say its the best cheap stuff out of my marlin 60 however I have to clean it just a little bit more often that just useing my hunting loads. I miss Winchester Wildcat loads but after that scare with them a couple of three years ago I havent found them since.
  7. Whiskey

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    Had some problems with the federal. Didn't always cycle in my stephen's .22. Oddly enough, my new favorite round is remington sub sonic. Cycles well and accuracy is nice.
  8. I've shot the same batch of Federal bulk out of a Mossberg Plinkster, a Marlin 60, a Ruger 10/22 and a Beretta Neos. Only problems I've had were with some feed issues in the Marlin (I noticed it needed cleaning so badly the bolt was creeping into battery when cocked!) and the Neos (which the owner told me was picky about ammo).

    The Plinkster and the Marlin 60 eat the stuff up all day. I shot so many rounds in the Plinkster one afternoon at an indoor range, it looked like I was using a black powder musket :)
  9. Ari

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    this weekend I shot a bunch of the fed champion but it is not the dumped in loose in the box ammo. It shot great...
  10. Uraijit

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    I had problems with my 10/22 not liking it. Sent a letter to Federal, and got a literary "F*** you! If you send it back at your own expense, we'll test it, but don't expect anything to come of it"... I was really pissed, and swore I wouldn't buy anything Federal again. I did buy a bulk pack to test in my P-22 though, and didn't get favorable results with that either. I say, don't bother with the stuff...
  11. Silicon Wolverine

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    I bought another box of a different lot number and its the same results. I think federal is starting to download to save money. I chrono'ed some from last year i found floating around in my range box and it ran 100-200 FPS faster than what is produced now. Im done with it. Ive been shooting remington golden bullet game loads with good results. My 10/22 hated the odler golden bullet with the waxy coating but that seems to have been done away with in favor of a brass looking washed bullet.

  12. squeak_D

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    I shoot the 550 round Federal bulk (.22lr) all the time. I however use it in a single action revolver. I know others who shoot Federal through the Mossb. Plinksters and those rifles eat the Federal up like candy. I have heard of other problems related to Federal jamming some weapons.

    The last 550 round box I shot.., I had 2 problems out of the whole box. One round fired, but was obviously short on powder, and another didn't fire at all. Two rounds out of 550 is pretty good in my book. I have another box that I have yet to open too. I have also heard others saying that Federal is now skimping on the powder, and that the actual velocity of the round doesn't match the specs on the box. From what I've been told they're putting the minimal amount of powder required to fire the round safely. Powder skimping makes sense too as ammo is getting out of hand in terms of prices. I remember when a box of Federal 550rd .22lr was much less than the $11.98 it sells for now at Wal-Mart. It also wasn't long ago that the price was much lower. The cost of ammo is going through the roof.
  13. None of my semi auto 22's like federal bulk, they all misfeed every 3rd or 4th round it seems, so now I just bite the bullet so to speak and spend 2 dollars more on the remington high velocity bulk packs. they run in my guns like clock work.
  14. Nearly 1000rds of the federal bulk pack .22 and i haven't really had too many problems. occasionally i ithkn i get a weak load and have to cycle the neck rd by hand but aside from 4 or 5 of those out of 1000rds isn't bad.
  15. Corelogik

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    I might have 4-5 for the 54r, need to pull out the gun tub and check, how many do you need? I think I have 2 trays for 9mm but no boxes, they were in a bulk pack of UMC,...

    As for the federal, my P22 and 10/22 hate the stuff so I stick to RGB's and CCI Blazer.
  16. andrew241

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    I just bought a box to try this weekend. I have been shooting winchester and remington mostly so I will let you guys know if I have any issues.
  17. Beowolf1911

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    I bought a few boxes about three years back that I am still using, no problems, maybe they changed their load Do you know anyone with a chrono? Maybe we can get a velocity on them and see if they are different.
  18. I got 5,000 rounds... shot about 1,000 through my Ruger Mk. III 22/45 and had a FTF/FTE every couple of mags.
  19. Silicon Wolverine

    Silicon Wolverine Well-Known Member

    i had my wife pick up another box of 550 last weekend and got out with it today. MUCH BETTER. maybe federal figured out that thier products were getting a bad rap and checked it out. chrono showed almost exactly what was on the box and i got one FTE, one FTF, and one dud out of the whole box, through my MG-10/42 conversion and PK-22

  20. Beowolf1911

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    Maybe they just had a bad QC person, and now they fixed it. Who knows, glad to hear your back in order, rimfire guns can be picky about what rounds they like. My 10/22 likes feds but I have a buddy's who has the same gun and it doesn't work well with them but does good with the rem bulk stuff.