Problems with my C9 and 45

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  1. Hey guys,

    I went to the range 2 weeks ago with my C9, 45, and Bersa Thunder 380 CC. I had 2 or 3 FTE with the C9 and MANY MORE with the 45. I just purchased the 45 from (got a great price because the gun lock was missing the key and I have the one from the C9!) IT was used and the description said it was supposed to be 98%. I was a little upset to say the least. I chalked it up to both pistols needing a good cleaning (took care of that, and they were both VERY dirty). I'm going out again this weekend to see how they perform, but if I get similar results, should I send them to MKS to have them looked at? Anything else I can do besides that or before I send them in?

    Thanks for anything you can offer and have a great Thanksgiving!

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    What kind of ammo are you using? Some have said to polish the feed ramp, or adjust feed lips, although I have not had to do that. I do know that a bent firing pin can cause a fte. I'm sure someone that has had to do this will chime in. But if you do decide to send it in, you will need to send the 9mm to Beemiller in Mansfield Ohio and the .45 ACP to Haskell Mfg. in Lima, Ohio and not to MKS.

  3. Are you sure you are not limpwristing the 45? That will cause a lot of jams. I had to learn not to limpwrist on my 45 and 40 cal Hi Point pistols.

    Once I did, the number of jams dropped dramastically.
  4. I used Remington MC 115 gr for the C9 and Remington MC 230 gr for the 45.
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    i shoot rmeington umc ammo a lot out of the .45 and havent had any problems so i would say it isnt the ammo
  6. I really think that its just the gun. Some people on here say that they are picky about what you feed them I have never had a problem with my c9 or cf380 I can put anything in them and they spit it down range just fine. I would say that if you are having multiple problems with it send it back they will get it cleaned up and straightened out.
  7. I had initial feed and FTE probs with the c9, but working on the feed ramp cleared that up. I had a few with the 45 and figured out it was limpwristing. you gotta hold that 45 real ggod!
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    I would say check out the fluff and buff. Clean up the feed ramp and check mag lips. I had many problems but none a dremel and some patience didnt fix.
  9. You have to make sure you are not limp wristing. That will cause problems and have you thinking that something is wrong with the pistol when its you.

    You would not be the first for that to be the problem.
  10. Before I purchased my 45 and C9, I did alot of reading on this site to prepare for what I was in for as a new Hi Point owner. When I finally did make my purchases, I did the limpwrist test (both voluntarily and involuntarily) and found that limpwristing will immediately cause a stovepipe and will jam the next round as it's stripped from the mag. Be mindful of your grip and let'em fly!