Problems with the Youth

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  1. The latest Gallop poll released Tuesday shows that 66% of those in the age range of 18-29 think we'd be safer if more people carried concealed.

    How are the poor leftists going to be able to put the jackboot to the people throat if more people have a gun in their pocket?

    :sarcasm: start.
    I blame the teachers, the school system and pop culture. For starters. It is impossible that those of this age range could have the brains that God gave a goat and that they see the obvious.
    . :sarcasm: end.

    "Aside from gun owners and Republicans, young people between the ages of 18-29 are the most favorable toward concealed weapons, with 66 percent saying an increase will improve public safety."
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    Wow...I've never been in the same group as pop culture before!:D


  3. I thought of a much longer list, but had to stop some place and just hit the top 'usual suspects'. Global warming(isn't it call 'climate change' now?) would be another one that is surely to blame for this trend.
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    gun ownership is the new counter culture
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    As a teacher, I'll take the credit for influencing tender young minds in a God-fearing, gun-toting, conservative kinda way. :thankyou:
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    As a parent I blame you for my kids wanting more guns.
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    Thank you. Blame gratefully accepted. If they didn't tell you, I also encourage them to get a job to pay for the guns, learn to reload, say the Pledge to the Flag with pride and vote conservative. Corrupting the H3!! out of them mOOnz. Glad to hear its working.:conspiracy:
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    YAY 'TED!!!

    Gun Owners being the new "counter culture" could be the greatest thing
    since Sliced Bread! :dance: :llama: :cool: :D
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    GOOD!!! We need more like you! ;)
  10. Actually we need none of both.
    Sorry, but the best and most-respected teachers I ever had were 100% indifferent with the subjects they were teaching. My favorite teachers I couldn't tell you if they were conservatives or liberals. Publicly funded teachers in my opinion need to have a contract or employment clause that says if they discuss politics of any kind, they need to be forced on their knees in front of the school, with a hood placed over their head, while the mayor or governor instructs a line of police officers to aim and-*person comes over and whispers in my ear* Oh, that's...that's right, I'm a libertarian, that would be...yeah, gotcha.

    Anyways, no, public schools need to stay out of it period. I think that if a teacher is asked directly about their personal views by a student, they should have the freedom to discuss it, but otherwise they should not be allowed to inject their personal brand of commentary into it (and yes, that counts for libertarian views). I just don't think it's professional personally.
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    How many of them are willing to do anything about it?

    My 14yo boy is, logically, a 2A supporter. He occasionally shakes his head when some schmuck blathers about gun control and tells me that criminals don't follow the law. But when I try to get him to go shooting with me, he says no and that he'd rather play on his Xbox.

    I don't get it. Why would you rather shoot cartoons guns at pretend targets when you could go make loud noises for real? :huh:

    Peace favor your sword,