Procedures Once Warrantied Firearm Reaches MoM

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  1. Hey guys,

    Sent in my 995 with a broken Trigger Assembly Plate in to MoM, and it was received on the 10th.

    I was hoping to hear from them when they received it, to confirm with me that it was in their hands.

    What is the typical process like in terms of downtime of the firearm before it comes back to you?

    I'm guessing they'll get it - put it in queue - assess what is wrong - ?Call you? - Fix - Ship?

    Never warrantied a Hi-Point, let alone just about anything in my lifetime, so this is pretty new to me.

    Anyone care to share their wait time trends or experiences?
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    More like receive, fix, return with a note explaining what was done. Average turn around is a week give or take.

  3. If you haave a monkey gun you will get a call offering to upgrade you to the TS stock for a fee.
  4. Six days from ship, repair and return. While they had it, I did receive an email saying that my JCP was repaired and sent to shipping. When I received it, MoM included a note stating exactly what was done to the pistol. BTW, the pistol functions flawlessly. :D
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  5. Thanks everyone. Exact info I wanted to know!
  6. Who's MoM are we sending the guns to???

    I'm new.

    M.o.M. I just can't seem to find the origin of that phrase. I did locate several factory repair points near my Mid-South residence, but is there a preference of where to send damaged, or non-functioning, Hipoints?
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    Mom is just our pet name for the manufacturer.

    If you own a 9mm handgun, 380 handgun, 9mm carbine, .40 cal carbine, .45 cal carbine then call:

    Beemiller, Inc.
    1015 Springmill Rd.
    Mansfield, OH 44906

    If you own a .40 cal handgun then call:

    Iberia Firearms
    3929 State Route 309
    Galion, OH 44833-9408

    If you own a .45 cal handgun then call:

    Haskell Mfg.
    585 E. Blue Lick Rd.
    Lima, OH 45801

    When sending your gun to Hi-Point for repair, please include the following information: name, full address (including street, city, state, zip code), phone number, e-mail address, serial number and model of firearm, and a description of the needed repair. Also include all magazines that you use with your gun so our technicians can test the gun with its magazines. And finally, please be certain there are no live rounds shipped with the gun.
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    I received a 995 Classic 2 weeks ago from MoM. It was gone for 4 weeks. I bought it all buggered up off of GB. But I knew that when I paid $107 for it. This was the 6th gun I've sent back to MoM. The pistols seem to be quicker, maybe 7-10 days. The carbines go to Mansfield, they are busier than the other 2 plants combined. But I have more than 1 gun & I'm a patient man, I can wait! Besides, when it returns, it is always like NEW! And it's FREE!!!

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    How do you guys mail them in? What shipper, and what type of shipping material?
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    Long guns can be shipped via USPS (I would go with priority mail). Handguns can be shipped via UPS, FedEx or other private carrier and their "policies" are that you have to ship next day air, now this is a "policy" not a law, if I shipped UPS, I would probably ship via ground, YMMV. You can also go to an FFL and ask them to ship it for you, FFLs can ship handguns via USPS priority mail and the actual shipping will probably be under $10 + whatever fee your FFL charges to ship it for you.
  11. MachoMelvin

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    I box my carbines up, put correct shipping address, return address, mark "Machine Parts" on the box. Cost me $10.95 to USPS to MoM.
    Handguns I let my FFL USPS mail them for me. It cost him $8.95 to mail a hand gun to MoM. He charges me $10.
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    That is a great deal :)
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    Should you break the gun down first?
  14. Nope. Just make sure it's unloaded.
  15. cicpup

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    Rarely necessary. Lock the slide back and turn it upside down. This will expose the firing pin channel at the rear of the slide. Drip a few drops of oil in there and rack it several times to spread it around. Should be good to go.

    edit: Misunderstood question. That's for a new HP handgun, not shipping one.
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    My 995 is ther now I hope

    Sent mine two weeks ago you wont hear from them until they send you a shipping time (email) so you know to be home to sign for it.
    Believe me I sent my 4095 about a year ago. I insured it any way just in case
  17. Hot-Shot

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    Shipped from New Jersey

    Cost 16.95 and 6.50 insured for 350.00 to MOM via USPS
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    I'm only 75 miles from MoM. I don't pay for the insurance. The gun didn't cost me that much. Besides, I learned a while back, that if you don't have a legitimate receipt, the USPS won't pay up on their postal insurance. My son was in the Army, and we were sending him stuff all the time. One of the postal clerks let the cat out of the bag. I was sending him a very expensive coat he bought several years before. So I was going to insure it for like $300. She said that if I didn't have the store receipt, I would NEVER see the insurance money. Thus, I have not bought their insurance since. But then I don't ship anything that I can't live without if stolen by a USPS worker, hint-hint-hint?