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Just wanted to toss up some info on a couple neat items that UPS dropped off today... A 3-Rifle gun rack and a 3-Pistol gun rack, both by Firearm Security Racks, Inc. http://gunracks.tylerrose.com.

Pretty neat little units. They are made of what appears to be heavy (1/4"+) flat iron, coated in tool handle style rubber stuff. The rifle rack has a lock bar that goes over the smaller neck of the stock, while the pistol rack has the bar over the face of the pistols, positioned between some poles. Easier to show then explain...

The handgun rack fit my JHP, Glock 21 and Walther P22. It was a little tight up top between both big frame 45s, but nothing the prevents easy removal. The rifle rack works fine with my AR-15 (A2 stock), 995 (ATI stock) and Mossberg 500 (Standard stock). It would probably work with folding stocks just fine, but the pistol grip would have to be below the lock bar, holding it between there and the ground.

I personally put them in the back of the closet, and when I push the clothes back over they disappear. Only the bottom of the rifles show, which would be easy enough to hide with a couple boxes of stuff.

They secure with any standard padlock you pick up at the hardware store. I am actually using 2 of the free cable locks that came with my guns (and being an evil hateful person that loves killing kiddies, I never used). Both are easy to open, with the handgun rack being especially nice. Just unlock, pull out the lock and the bar drops straight down, exposing all 3 pistols.

I picked up both for around $119 with shipping. They seem well worth it in my mind. They make it easy to lock up the boomsticks, and are easy to get into so long as I have the keys (unlike the before mentioned cable locks). I REALLY like that I can use a standard padlock. Will being going out to get a couple keyed alike locks tomorrow.

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Very cool! Thanks for sharing the info. What a great way to hide some protection!
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