Product Review: Charging Handle from Bushman98

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  1. I recieved the charging handle in the mail from Bushman98 a day or 2 after Christmas and I have finally gotten the time to write up a review.

    Anyway, here it is, 3 pics comparing the charging handle from Bushman98 to the factory 995 charging handle. The new charging handle is the 3rd generation handle that Bushman98 has manufactured, so this one may be a bit different than you are used to seeing in the thread about them. Here are the pics.




    As you can see, the charging handle gotten from Bushman98 is a whole lot bigger than the one from the factory. This is due to the fact that the new charging handle is in fact a 2 part construction. The metal insert, where the handle goes into the bolt housing cover was made of rolled steel, and machined to size. The upper part of the handle is a polymer that was milled and then fitted over the roll steel lower.

    In the second picture, you can see that the size of the steel insert is the exact same size as the factory one, but the polymer upper is much larger. This gives the handle itself and much larger surface area on which to grasp, making it easier to operate the bolt of the 995. Also, in the first and last pictures, you can also see that the polymer upper is smooth and polished with no sharp edges. This aspect make the handle more comfortable and fit the hand and fingers very well.

    On the top of the handle, *Not pictured, sorry* the hole was milled so that it acts as a wrench for the charging handle bolt, thus making installation a breeze. Slide the bolt through the handle and screw it in until it's tight. The only problem that I see with this aspect of the handle is this: There is no way to get a wrench or a socket onto the bolt to torque it into the bolt so that it doesn't come loose. For all of it's benifits, this is a minor drawback IMHO.

    All in all this handle is really nice. I like the fit and finish of it on my 995, but I'll let you guys be the judge. I have taken 2 videos. 1 of installation of the handle itself and the second of me actually shooting it. Here they are:



    Opinions, questions and comments are welcome. Feel free to contact me if you are curious about anything posted, and contact Bushman98 over at Hi-Point talk for ordering instructions.
  2. It looks good, I still think taking a dremmel and slicing a small notch in the center of the bolt screw so you can take a flathead screwdriver and snug the screw is the answer to that.

    I mentioned it before and someone said it was errrr rigging it, but it would make sure that the screw does not come off and hit you in the face.

    Just a thought guys.

  3. I like the looks of it. bet it makes charging a bit easier and possibly smoother.
  4. The difference between this new charging handle and the factory one is simply put, amazing.

    Bushman98 did an outstanding job of R&D on his one of a kind product. Thanks alot Bushman, you have made my 995 that much more fun to shoot.

    Also, PM me what I owe you for it.
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    Great review. Bushman pm me when they are for sale.
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    I will definitely be ordering two of these once they are available, one for my 995 and one for my 4095. This product seems to be made with function and form in mind, the plain hex head bolt that comes on the carbine from the factory looks a little cheap in my opinion and unfinished...this looks like it will make it look much better, and easier to use.
  7. How about a allen or torx head bolt. any hardware store should have them.I like the torx you can tighten them up without fear of stripping the head out.
  8. The problem with replacing the bolt with a shoulder bolt or anything else is that it may be difficult to find one the exact dimention. I looked and looked, and found a very expensive hex bolt (relatively, 75 cents each, box of 100 min) that is the right size but will still require some machinig to match the current model.

    I finished the last prototype this weekend and was able to make it so when the handle is in the locked back position, only half the thickness of the head fo the bolt is past the handle. This way you can tighten it with the hi point "wrench".
  9. Hey guys, those of you who ordered handles and combos should be getting them starting today. If you can, post any reviews or any coments you may have on this thread.... trying to keep from having multiple threads like the trigger.
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    I tried Bushman's charging handle today and it functioned flawlessly. I fired 200 rounds from my 995 and there were no problems. It was also much easier to lock the bolt back with it. Thank you Bushman.
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    When can we buy them from you? This is something I NEED for my 995, as the size of the factory handle just isn't working for me.

    Eerrr...PM sent.