Product Review - Lee Hand Priming Tool

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    Product Review - Lee Hand Priming Tool

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  2. Rachgier

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    I actually like my Lee Hand Priming tool and have primed about 10,000 rounds with it. I've had less than a dozen issues with the primers not coming out properly? Could always use a second one and a backup set of the shell holders in my shop....
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  3. histed

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    I had the older model - 30 years back. Really liked it, but the newer one just isn't worth the effort. Glad you like yours, Rach. PM me an address. maybe you'll get an early Christmas present (or late from last year)
  4. rickm

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    I had one of the older styles when i first got started then a few years back a co worker want to borrow it to load some wax bullets and have yet to get it back, but i do most of mine on the press anyway so dont really miss it.
  5. greg_r

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    I have one of the square tray tools and one of the round tray tools. They don't give any troubles give me any troubles. I like the priming tools that Lee packaded with their Zero Error Target Loaders the best. It's sort of the tray style without the tray.