prolock gl650 gun lock need help

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  1. i purchased this lock used off of ebay and i put it on my c9 to test it out but i didnt know that you need a special trick to open it. So now it is stuck on my c9 and I cant get it off. Does anyone know the trick to this lock ???

    More info is at
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    hope you got your lock off!

    Your post is from December of last year. I'm assuming you got your lock off your pistol? Push the decoy button did you? :shock:

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    Re: hope you got your lock off!

    His post is from yesterday. I assume you must have looked at his join date. :lol: Sorry I don't have any help for getting your lock off.
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    In that case.....

    The key must be in the unlocked position (straight up and down), and then you first push the square black button, hold it, and simultaneously push in the key button. Then slide off the lock.