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    I just purchased 3 of the 15 round mags for the 995 made by promag. Has anyone had any feed problems with these things?

    First thing I did was to handload a bunch of "dummy" rounds with no powder and dead primers. (I tried no primers but found out that the primer is needed to eject the round as it kicks against the firing pin on the way out.. just a FYI).

    I polished the feed lips and widened them out a but with some needle nose plires. I also took the mag apart the turned the spring around, so the follower had the stiffest part of the spring under the front.

    I worked the dummy rounds through each mag a few times and have had no problems with hand cycling the carbine. I took it out to the range this morning and round a few hundred rounds the carbine and the 3, 15 round mags and have had no problem.
  2. I posted on the pro-mag 15 rounders last week. I made the mods to my mag, but the problem I'm experiencing is that the weight of the mag is pulling the mag out a bit, leading to feeding problems. How snug is the fit on yours?

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    Mag Weight

    My mags are snug fitting and lock up quite tight, even when fully loaded. I would suspect that the inside of the mag well on the stock could be the problem. If you have used it quite a bit, there could be some wear and tear that could be causing the mags to not positively lock. Next time you clean the carbine take a look at the guts of the mag well in the stock.

    I just called hi point, and they sent me a new stock.

    One thing that I did have to do was "shave" a little bit of the plastic sleeve off the mag with some sand paper. I just needed t take it down a little at a time until a got a proper fit and lock.
  4. I hate you, I really really do ;) JUST KIDDING! Glad to hear that your 15 rd mags are working well for you, so many people have had trouble with them

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    I have the Pro Mag 15'ers as well. Does it make a big difference in feeding issues if you flip the spring over? I also read something else about turning the bottom end of the spring upward and around the next coil?
    I have three of them and two work just fine. But there is one particular mag that is causing my weapon to jam. I'm wondering if your mod would help? Does anyone have a link to the original post about the Pro Mag 15's?