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  1. Yeah I know, a real surprise when it comes to ProMag. I thought I'd take a chance on a 15-round ProMag HIP-A5 for my 4095TS and JCP.

    All four HP mags are GTG. The ProMag doesn't seat/lock in either the 4095 or JCP. I compared the ProMag to the HPs...looked at them a thousand different ways and had trouble finding any difference. I finally found the culprit, I think.



    The channel on the inside of the mag is different. On the HP, there's space from the channel to the edge the mag release hole. The ProMag channel goes all the way to the edge which keeps the mag release button from locking the mag in place.

    I have no idea how to take apart the ProMag or if it can be fixed by removing that extra material...maybe with a Dremel. Anyone have an idea other than don't buy another ProMag...already figure that one out on my own already? :D
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    One does not simply load a Pro-Mag and expect it to work....


    Sorry, I have nothing on this other than return them, or break out the dremel and get to grinding.

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    Button on the bottom of the mag. Easier to take apart than the factory mag. Slide the sleeve up. That 's the plastic strip with the angled cut at the top? Maybe it's put in wrong. I will need to dig out a ProMag later to check.
  5. @TNT - It's got two buttons on the bottom. The cap or sleeve looks like it should slide off to the rear.

    Before reading your post, I did a half-hearted push on the button in the middle of the mag and tried (half-heartedly) to slide the cap off. Nothing moved and didn't want to bust it up...but sounds like I was on the right track. I'll have to give it a go this afternoon.
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    Yup that was the mental image as I was typing it

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    Those two buttons are the inside base plate. It's one piece. Too bad ma didn't built the factory mags that way. Easy to take apart.
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    I bought one for my jhp and 4595ts, kept repeating it will work many times. It has worked in both with no problems. The power of positive thinking or just luck? :rolleyes:

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    The 45's work just fine. The 9's are the problem child if any. I have one 40 that needs a slap on the bottom once you pull the charging handle to grab the first round.

    I swapped the 40 follower with a factory follower. It will hold and feed 16rds. If I accidently load 16 into a 9mm mag it will have problems.
  10. Thanks TNT. It came apart very easily, like you said. Looks like a small piece of the inside rail needs to be removed at the mag release hole. That should about do it, I hope.

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    Take apart a working one and compared before carving that one. It may have been assembled wrong.
  12. Got it apart and back together. It's all good now after a slight modification to the channel. :D The mag sits and locks in like it's supposed to. Just having a hell of a time getting the two buttons to fit back into their holes. :confused: They're almost in, just not quite. Doesn't seem to make a difference but bugs me.