proper break infor new c9

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    hey guys im goin out to fire my new c9 for the 1st time in the morning, please help me on proper break in procedures thanks
  2. I usually use 500 rounds as the "gold standard".

    Depends on how experienced you are, and how much of an effort it is to make it to a range, as far as how long to get those 500 in.

    If it's an hour's drive to the range you can't make that often, I'd suggest two trips of 250 rounds... if you have a range 5 minutes away, I'd break it up into 100-150 shot trips. Usually you'll subconsciously "learn" from each trip, and sleeping on it helps it sink in, which is why more trips with less shots apiece will do ya better than fewer trips with more shots downrange IMO.

  3. + 100..... what he said. Also, if you have more than one mag, number them so you can keep track of how they perform.
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    +1 on all what was said above.

    Only the best info and support from this sight.

    Have fun with your new plinker.
  5. Oh, and another thing: don't get frustrated. Some C-9's can be jam-o-matics at first before they're broken in (this can also be a feed lip problem on new magazines), but if you can just stick through it they usually perform flawlessly there-after.