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  1. I sent my .45 back to Haskell because I was getting FTF's. Typical... or should I say sometimes reported... nosing-up of round or failure to eject.

    The tech on the phone spoke of "limp wristing" being a cause of FTFs. I understand the operation of the slide on a blowback gun and the need to resist the recoil. I'm a big guy at 6'-2'-300+lbs and I think I can handle the recoil without a death grip. I'm wondering if there is a special grip technique for such a heavy gun. I tried cupping the bottom of the mag with my weak hand and I'm thinking that lead to some of the jams.

    BTW... big props to Haskell for literally rebuilding my gun with a new barrel, firing pin and other parts. Tossed-in a free mag too. That's service!
  2. I have a C9 and have previously had FTF's. I worked on my grip and found that it's not so much the 'death grip,' as it is a strong forearm and bracing your wrist.

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    Also, push/pull... push outward with your grip hand, pull inward with your support hand... A must-do for that "OMFG" rapid fire.
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    Have you tried it since you got it back? Let other people fire it.
  6. Good instruction video. Just how they taught us when I took my CCW class.

    The first thing we were told was NOT to use our weak hand to cup the bottom of the pistol or revolver.

    A lot of issues seen when at the range are from the wrong stance and wrong gripping of the firearm being shot, not the firearm.
  7. I too had FTF's at first, was using my non firing hand to cup the other hand and recoil was limp wristing me.

    Not so bad on the 9mm but was on the .40 and .45acp

    Have started using the non firing hand to wrap around the front of the firing hand and am having many less problems. I think its a matter of getting used to shooting a new way now.
  8. No, but I did pick up a box of WWB at Wal-mart today. I'll shoot this Sunday.
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    Nobody uses the "push/pull" method for controlled rapid fire? Nobody?
  10. I honestly have never tried it.
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    Squeeeeeeze--------bang--------surprise. :shock:
    That is how I was taught. Always worked for me.
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    Always works for me! Taught to me many years ago by a SWAT officer. The proof of the effectiveness of this technique is shown below. Of course, this was not rapid fire!
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    Try following the instructions in the video above. I did what Todd Jarrett suggested today with my new .45 ACP. If it works for him there must be something to it. Burned through 100 rounds with absolutely no problems of any kind. My grouping is nowhere near as good as 45Man's, but that's because of my lack of talent, not the pistol.

    It does hit a lot harder than the C9, but it makes bigger holes too. Good luck.
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    Grouping is more the Scoremaster's doing. SWC bullets cut the nice round holes.
    Here's a C-9 grouping from the first box.
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    Tight grip stiff wrist.
  16. I'm with Srangous all the way. I always use the push and pull method because it gives great control and support. It feels like the natural stance to use for me.
  17. Can you put your trigger finger on your non firing hand around the front of the trigger guard on the Hi point pistols? There is a curve there that seems like it might be good for that.
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    I do!