Proposal for a set of Assumptions

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  1. Good day, all. And I mean all.

    I've been really busy lately and having troubles at home, so really only started posting again in last few days. Honestly, I miss you all and value my time here reading and getting busted on from time to time, and doing my share of "good-natured" ribbing myself.

    I've made a conscious effort to not get involved in too many more political threads any more (at least I'm trying) as I think I added my share to get the FFF busted. That being said, since coming back from my little break I've seen more than a few threads with folks getting hacked off for what appears to me at least, to be little reason. Simple disagreements get blown into major "who's are bigger" discussions. Yikes.

    So I want to share my new set of assumptions and guidelines - for ME.

    1. When I log on, I'll assume you're sitting there, drinking a beer, talking with a me - not a screen name. And I'll assume you're a buddy of mine, not a screen name.
    2. When someone disagrees with me, it doesn't mean they think I'm a knucklehead, it means I might learn something. Maybe I should ask why.
    3. When I disagree with someone, it doesn't mean they are a knucklehead, it means maybe I can teach them something. Maybe I should ask why.
    4. I will assume everyone here wants at least three things: learn something, teach something, and be valued and recognized as a contributing member of the family.
    5. When I feel like crap and am generally looking for meat - I will sign off, and go find it somewhere else.
    6. If I think I've ticked someone off - I'm going to PM that person and ask. If I did, I'm gonna say "sorry". That's how I treat my buddies and family.
    7. After making my positions clear in the "teaching" mode, I won't engage in post-wars. It's not worth my time and it's not good for the forum.

    and last.

    8. I'm not perfect and may slip from time to time - so I expect, from time to time, to get my butt kicked. And like it was from my brother, that's okay.

    Maybe if I do the above, the tension I'm seeing, and may be causing can be turned down a bit. After all, what's the point.

    Feel free to confront me when I'm not following MY list of assumptions.
  2. Newskate, as long as the beer isn't a Bud product, you've got a deal :wink:

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    How dare you bash on bud products!!! Thats it! It is over! Mine are bigger than yours! NUFF SAID!


    Welcome back Newskate, and I totally agree with you. I am sure I too have raised a few hairs not knowing it. I also try not to take anything on here personal unless someone specifically said "Andrew I think you specifically are a total moron, and go jump off a bridge" I might than question that person a little.

    However in general I like to think of everyone on here as part of the community and all contribute to it in some way or another. I just hope that we can all get over what difference we all have and not let it break up this group.

    I myself try and follow some of the same guidelines when browsing.
  4. VERY well put newskate, if we could all follow those simple rules, this would be the best forum on the internet by far.

    I honestly try to treat everyone else like I would like to be treated, and when I pick on someone it is all in fun. I do not pick on people that I do not consider a friend, so if I bust your chops its because I relate with you and consider you an online buddy.

    I NEVER say something to someone that I know will hurt them on purpose. Thats just not who I am. I have by accident a couple of times and I do regret it.

    Again, well put newskate.
  5. thanks for the insight, I dont fight with anyone on here ever. no point. I just want to learn something. I dont care what, just something everyday or so. and so far it has been a great place to do that.

    if you dont agree with me, ok you might be right. I wont argue with you about it. but I will do what I can to check it out as best I can so I will know if you or I are correct. You make me work at it and I will remember it.

    I enjoy almost all the guys post on here, so I wont bash anyone. keep it comeing guys.
  6. Who says Bud makes you wiser??? No, really, if I'm at a friends house and all he has is Budweiser, I'm drinking Bud!! He would be drinking MGD at my house. GREAT POST. You hit the nail on the head.

    You ask 100 people a question and you will get 100 different answers. That's what makes us unique. That is also how we share knowledge and educate each other as well.

    Face it, we are all ignorant, uninformed, and lacking knowledge in some areas of our life. I know I am. I appreciate the knowledge and experience I gather from my fellow members, because in the long run, it helps all of us equally.

    If you are THE ONE who has all the answers and knows everything, I expect you to be all you can be and allow me to vote for your butt in November!!! Otherwise, let's all just have a good time together, okay?? :wink:
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    Skate;well stated and and excellant base for us all to build upon. T hings like this is why I stay a member and check back daily. :D