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  1. Are they any good ? I just bought on on Ebay for $13.95 (+$5.50 shipping)

    I got the "Intimidator" model for my .45

    I got it from D&T Discount House, the other seller on ebay (THE HOLSTER HOUSE) left me this message (I'll cut and paste it below) when I questioned his pricing compared to the guy I got it from.

    He said
    Add the TOTAL with shipping you inbreed hick. And the other guy is my buddy so I will get paid anyway you ****** prick!!!!!!

    I guess I won't be doing business with them !

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  2. You're supposed to ask and then buy! Lol. Looks cool. Let us know how it works out.

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    well what do you expect from customer service when the first product listed is called WANK
  4. That "Seat Buddy" looks cool. I don't know how well that'd go over with D.P.S. or the local fuzzies if you got pulled over, but it's a quick grab.
  5. Let us know what you think of them once you get yours.

    I've had an account with Pro-Tech for a few months and I was wondering what other people thought of them.
  6. Good point Sr, this is why the lack of uniformity in state law can make you crazy. While the "Seat Buddy" would be legal here in Nevada, in Arizona I'd have to move it to make it visible. In California I'd remove the holster from the seat, and hide the whole works in the trunk (pistol in locked case, ammo separate from pistol) lest some CA cop decide I was a dangerous alien who needed containment.

    Remember, complying with various laws is our responsibility.

  7. Got the holster today

    I bought it on Ebay Thursday and it came today !!!

    Holster looks to be good quality, like I said above I got the intimidator model. Here's some pics, it fits the 45 better in my opinion. It also has a place for a extra mag on the from and it is Ambidextrous.

    On the .45



    On the C9
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    Link to the ebay auction? Do they have more in stock?
  9. Here's the link to folks I bought from

    I got mine for $13.25 plus $6.95 shipping.

    The guy at the below link has a little better price right now, but he was a total jerk to me and left me the email containing the message in the first post of this thread.

    I personally would pay $40 elsewhere before I gave him my money !
  10. UPDATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just noticed that the guy I got mine from is doing "free shipping".
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    Is the end of the holster open or sewn shut?
  12. Guys, remember to put the thumb break on the other side of the belt clip, and be careful about reaching across your body for the extra magazine while still holding the gun, or removing the extra magazine from the pouch with the same hand that you have the gun in.
  13. The end is open.
  14. That looks just like an Uncle Mikes Sidekick but without the Logo...interesting...